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2006-05-24 @ 12:34 a.m.
four play

Ever have a day where the number FOUR keeps popping up all day? Like:

I woke up this morning at 8:14, about 4 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off.

I then got out of bed and nearly tripped over 4 shoes that were lying at the base of the bed.

I then went into the bathroom and sure enough I was still bleeding. It was Day Four of my first period in Four Months. This is like the Fourth time my body has tried to go into menopause, but my period keeps coming back...

To my 48 year old body, which is full of 4ís. As in 4ís added together. 4ís divided. And if you add 4 and 8 together you get 12, which is when my period originally started, but than that would be getting a little anal so Iíll just mention that it was Day Four of Big Red, which means it started on Saturday....

Which was the second day of our art conference, which was also the Fourth Day I had Four Pieces of artwork hanging somewhere in our city. Two at the community center and two at the college campus, which adds up to Four.

So I guess you wonít be surprised if I also had four earrings on my sink counter to choose from. Four rolls of toilet paper in the basket to grab. Four towels hanging from various racks to dry with.

And then when I walked into my bedroom, Guardcat was laying on her back with all four of her feet in the air and of course, I had to scratch her belly four times.

I then walked out to the kitchen and nearly knocked the four pages of our newly revised art class newsletter off the arm of the chair. They fluttered slightly and then settled.

I then got to the kitchen, grabbed my bottle of aspirins, since Iím always in terrible pain when I first wake up and opened the fridge to grab one of the four bottles of soda to take my aspirins with.

I finally headed back to my bedroom at four minutes to nine to get dressed for ďAĒs shrink appointment. Naturally I select four items: Bra, black panties, short denim skirt, black sweater. Yeah that seems about right.

I then hurry out to my car since I spent a little too long looking in the mirror and check all four tires. Ever since someone slashed my tire a couple of months ago, I always like to make sure all the tires are okay.

I get to ďAĒís about 9:04. Yeah, I live that close. We talk. It sounds like he might help me find a car. A Subaru possibly. That would be such a relief. Good olí ďAĒ. We then have to do some of our anger work. I tell him how unhappy I am being around mentally ill people at work and how its really starting to bring me down and he tells me wants me to apply for at least 4 jobs before I see him next week. Eek! I feel stressed as I drive over to the yuppie store afterwards to bring back some recycling.

When I enter the recycling room, which has four recycling machine, I notice something really strange. All four machines (two machines for plastic, one for cans, one for glass) all have receipts sticking out of them. I think, thatís odd. I look around. Nobody's there. I then look up to see if there are any security cameras recording anything. No-o-o. I then cautiously rip all four receipts from all four recycling machines and quickly look at them. They all have difference amounts but add up to over $1.00. SCORE! So once I recycle my own stuff I bring them back into the store and cash them in and...

Buy a lottery ticket and win $4.00. Honest to God! I really wish there would have been like four more zeroes after that, but hey....$4.00 from ill-gotten recycling receipts. Not bad, aye? So by then it was about 10:44, so I finally decided to head home.

When I walk upstairs to my apartment, I looked over at the four bird feeders over across the creek and guess what? Go ahead, guess? There were four different kinds of birds feeding on them, which of course, accounted for four very different colors and four very different acting birds. I then reach into my purse and grab my key ring which has, you guessed it, four keys...2 keys for the car and two keys for the apartment and then disappear into my apartment where I will look at the four walls of my apartment for the rest of the day. Pretty interesting in a Kafka-esque kind of way, isn't it?

sure it is, witty.....

(whispering) Did witty remember to take her meds today?

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