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2006-06-08 @ 10:19 p.m.
eating hotdogs with meany

You know, I guess when you need a really professional photo of you and your new car, you really have to call in a professional journalist/photographer. Someone who has worked on the front lines, literally, wielding a camera in the face of danger. Someone who knows not to put their fingers in front of the lens. Someone who knows not to aim the camera at your ass when you’re putting the license plate on your car. Someone who knows how to put their subject at ease with humor, and can just take a really good picture in general. See example below:

I mean, see how cute that is? They got me looking pretty darn thin. They got the subaruski looking pretty darn groovy. There’s no blurred images of space aliens in the driver’s seat. It’s just a truly nice picture. So who took it? Who took it you ask? None other than the ever effervescent and truly remarkable BlueMeany! Yeah! I finally got to meet fellow D’Lander, BlueMeany as she was passing through on the way to a relative’s wedding here in New Yawk. We met for lunch today at a very fancy and fashionable, exclusive, high end place with silk napkins, valet parking, waiters named Voltaire. Heh! Just kidding!
We met at a hot dog restaurant near Walmart. Yay!

I was a little nervous about meeting Ms. Meany today, because I’ve never met any D’Landers in person before. And I’m somewhat of a recluse (think Howard Hughes, except I bathe), so I had to distract myself all morning by doing such mundane tasks as washing dishes and gazing out the window like a Jane Austin heroine.

I did have two fortuitous phone calls. One was from my boss canceling an appointment I had with her, which would have cut into my lunch date. I accidentally blurted out, “Great!” when she canceled and she said, “Thanks alot!” I apologized, of course, and told her I was still half asleep. Fortunately she said I would still get paid for the appointment, since SHE canceled and then I went back to bed again for about another 15 minutes, and then the phone rang again and it was Target. They were calling me for a second job interview for a night and weekend position which is perfect for me. I’m a night person and I’d still be able to work my appointments in with “A” pretty easily. Its true I’m still not totally sold on doing retail work again, but having steadier hours, 2 minutes away from my house instead of 25 minutes away, in a job full of depressed, crazy people is making me consider it.

So after two phone calls, I finally just got up and did my morning computer stalking. And then about 11:15, Meany called and we made plans to meet at the wienie place over by Wallyworld. When we arrived, we both pulled in with our stereos blasting which was kind of funny. She was a very delightful person and was very easy to talk to. She ordered a chocolate milkshake and they said the machine was broken, so I immediately ordered one too, just to fool with their asses. Heh!

We had a nice chat though and she gave me my copy of the cool Meany Magical Mystery Tour CD. But there is no way in hell I will ever be able to name all the songs on that CD other than maybe the Janis Joplin one and “Crimson and Clover”, so I’ll just say “uncle” right now and admit to be a total Rainman when it comes to music. Thanks for the CD though. I’ve been listening to it tonight and I like a very large portion of it, and that’s saying alot, since I’m kind of a Broadway geek who listens to things like “Thoroughly Modern Millie” while I write my D’land entries.

After we ate lunch, we went out front and helped some guy extricate a newspaper out of a newspaper machine. The poor guy kept putting quarters in a machine and they’d drop right through and he couldn’t open it. Meany told him that maybe they were Canadian and weren’t working. And then I said, “I don’t think quarters from Ohio work in New York newspaper racks. Are those from Ohio?” and then he looked at his quarters again. What a dork. But he was a nice dork, so we finally all tackled the news rack together and managed to get him a newspaper. He thanked us.

We then asked some old guy to take our picture both with Meany’s camera and then with mine. The guy kept backing up and backing up. Jeezus bud, you’re gonna be in Rhode Island in about a second there. So when I scanned the picture I tried to make us a little bigger, because in the actual photo, we’re about the size of freakin’ ants. I then remembered I had my pseudo-Bob Dylan painting in the car, since I was going to show it to “A” at my upcoming appointment, so I showed it to Meany, who photographed it on my car hood and vowed to buy it someday.

So anyways, it was a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by, Meany. It was great meeting you!

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