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2006-07-26 @ 12:22 a.m.
a new kind of twister

So I went to see the ever-lovely, ever-evolving, ever-effervescent “A” this morning and I guess he’s been taken off the Evil Therapist List from last week. We agreed today that he can only yell at me like he did last week only once every quarter. He actually returned an e-mail to me to that effect today. So I now have it in print and will keep it in my purse, with my peppermitt and if he breaks the Evil Therapist rule, I will get it out and remind him of it. And besides, who could EVAH yell at me? I’m just so damn cute!

Anyways today when I was at his office I saw some kids games that I had never seen before. Games I guess to make kids talk about stuff in shrink’s offices, like the “Thinking, Feeling and Doing Game”. Man, I really wanted to play that, but “A” thought I was a little too old for that. Bugger! So I asked if he had the latest version of Shrink Twister. Naturally he looked at me like I was a lunatic. Shrink Twister? I mean, wouldn’t it be fun to play Twister with your shrink? I could just see it now. Of course it would be slightly different than your usual version. Because instead of just spinning the usual spinner thing and saying “Right hand red”, you’d have to answer a question like, “Did you take your meds Tuesday?” Me: Yes!” Ok Right hand red. (Spin) “Did you wear appropriate undergarments to work Monday?” Me: “Yes!” OK, Left foot, blue! Naturally he’d be playing too, otherwise it wouldn’t be Shrink Twister, right? So he’d spin the spinner and I’d get to ask him something like: “So, what do you think about when people talk about masturbation?” Left foot green. And then would come the inevidible Twister collapse of patient on doctor or doctor on patient with the question, “So, how do you feel about what just happened? Does this bring up any issues for you?”

Oh hell, I’d just be laughing like hell, because it would be so fun playing Twister again. By the way, when I suggested Twister to “A”, he said the best game to play with me would be “Trouble”.

Hmmm, I wonder what he meant by that?

Anyhoo, I did bring in my painting from this weekend and he really liked it. He said it was the best thing I’ve done yet and most of my session was about how I should start pursuing spaces in local art shows so I can sell my work. He said putting my art in his office probably wouldn’t do anything and also its too big for the space. We also discussed price. Its difficult for me to put a value on anything I do since I have such low self esteem, but with “A” kind of badgering me, I finally decided my painting was probably worth about $100, especially after seeing all those bleeechy things at the antique show this weekend. But he made me feel really good about everything today and I really needed that. Thanks “A”!

Afterwards I did my laundry and had a bagel and then was determined to get a picture of my artwork. How? Well, I really had to scrinch up my entire being and go over to my brother’s house since he has a digital camera (many actually). I’m not real fond of him. Ok, its not really that. Its just when I go to his house, from the moment I step in the door until I leave, he never stops talking about himself. You pretty much become an invisible entity when you enter the House of Glob, because you are merely an audience for Glob’s continuous stream of consciousness. I used to go there fairly often and just stand there for an hour and listen and then leave, wondering....was I even acknowledged? But then I finally got fed up after about 10 years of this, and finally stopped going there about a year ago.

So I went today and pretty much on schedule it was all Glob-Glob-Glob like I knew it would be, but I was just vaguely listening because I was mainly watching some pretty yellow finches hanging upside down on a feeder outside while he was talking non-stop for over an hour. I finally asked about the digital camera thing and he said he would take the picture but that I should really just scan it in pieces and marry them in Photoshop because cameras aren’t really that accurate, blah, blah, blah. Geeze, all I wanted was a basic picture of a damn painting.

So I finally went out and got the painting out of the car. I had some anxiety. My brother has virtually never seen anything I’ve done because he has no interest in anything I’ve done because it might take away from something he’s done, which is kinda dumb because our work is nothing alike. But meh, it doesn’t REALLLY matter, since I’m merely a human listening kiosk anyways. So I got the painting. He looked at it briefly but didn’t say anything except the cobalt blue color was good. Wasn’t that totally swell of him? The cobalt was good. Had nothing to do with the painting....merely that the color pigment was (cough) good. Yup, yup, yup. Thanks, Glob. Anyways, so here is a copy of my painting from this weekend. Its based on a Diego Rivera painting. And yes, I must say, that cobalt blue is pretty damn exquisite.

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