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2006-08-04 @ 11:18 a.m.
mothra dearest

My God, in the last 48 hours, whenever I walked into my bedroom I'd nearly scream, because I'd see that that huge bamboo and cloth butterfly thingie I got at work Monday, and it was starting to look like some massively expanding Mothra-type insect. I mean could that be the direct result of some evil chemical reformulation? Or because of all the recent heat and humidity? I don't really know, but this is the scene it has transformed itself into in the last 12 hours....

Is that normal? I mean I walked into my bedroom this morning and Guardcat was up on my bed, defending my hair brush with this large evil butterfly flying around, making loud shrieking mechnical noises. It was really freaky. And then I tried to yell at her (Guardcat, not Mothra), but what I was saying and what was actually coming out of my mouth were two different languages, which was kinda weird, especially since I don't speak Japanese. Not that Guardcat listens to me anyways.

So you can see what happens when you bring strange things into your bedroom. Or maybe I just forgot to take my meds last night. Who knows? Its been kinda hot. And I have been kinda forgetful. So just remember kids and kittens....always, always remember to take your meds when the doctor tells you, otherwise you're liable to come into your secret lair and find your cat battling Mothra in a life or death fight over a three year old hairbrush. And that, my friend, is NOT a good. Trust me.

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