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2006-09-18 @ 11:52 p.m.
hippie de festivale unfurls again

So it was a perfect day yesterday for a bunch of hippies and fake hippies (yuppies wearing tie-dye shirts from Macys) to come together for music, henna tattoos, African drum circles, crystals, tarot card readings, We-Hate-Bush signs and girls carrying iguanas on their shoulders.

Heh, I put the text on her shoulder, since she was waiting for the famous two minute long parade they have at the Festivale-de-Hippie every year. I figured the iguana was excited too. I mean to be able to get out their cage and maybe catch some fresh flies instead of those crappy boxed ones from Walmart. And oh! The attention he got! It was like being cast in a reality show. Suddenly all these people are coming up and touching you. Oh wait, that’s more like a porn movie maybe. But woo! What an exciting afternoon for an iguana!

I went straight to our drawing group location and JS had like 300 pieces of pipe laid out on the sidewalk and him and the intern were trying to figure out how to put them together to make a tent for our drawing event. They tried to recruit me into the Extreme Makeover crew, but, heh! I sure don’t know how the hell to put a pole into a hole and erect anything. Isn’t that obvious? And then suddenly, as I was standing there, I nearly get knocked over from behind, as these arms wrapped around me. I almost went into cardiac arrest, because to be truthful, I’m not a big fan of anyone doing anything from behind. I’m very jumpy like that. Kinda like Guardcat. Even a simple tap on the shoulder will sometimes elicit a scream, but when there’s someone nearly knocking me to the freakin’ I go “Charlemagne????” And then I hear all this girly giggling. But that still wasn’t really enough to tip me off. So I go: “Charlemagne, is that you???” And then I turned around and it was our little Goth intern who was off to college a month ago, but evidently back. Jeeezus. She almost gave me a frooking heart attack. I guess I should have realized it wasn’t Charlemagne since she’s about a foot shorter than him. So we chatted for a couple of minutes, while I tried to regain my composure.

By then, our two minute parade was starting. The tent crew was still struggling, but I really wanted to see the parade, so I meandered off. It was all the usual suspects. Anti-war protesters mixed in with glad handing politicians showing off their faces to people they don’t usually see. You know...registered Democrats who are against the war. It is an election year here in New York after all. We did have a couple of fun things in the parade. Like a Chinese dragon operated by some teenagers

Sadly, our large block long fake nuclear warhead was missing this year. That’s always my favorite thing. A block long fake nuclear warhead. Maybe somebody sold it to somebody in an Axis of Evil country. Like April Fools! Its a fake nuclear warhead from a hippie parade!

Anyways, I walked around for a while after that, taking in all the sights and sounds. There were lots of booths selling food, jewelry, artwork and bumpersticks. I finally found a bumpersticker for my Subaru. “Art not apathy”. Seems appropriate. I then went and watched some bellydancers. And again, somebody scared the be-jeebers out of me, by putting their hand on my shoulder. DON’T EVER DO THAT! It was one of my former lesbian co-workers from my last job. That place had quite a few lesbian employees now that I think back. I liked most of them, except Moo-Moo Eyes who had a crush on me. Anyways, this one I just knew by sight, but she put her hand on my shoulder to say hi and then sat next to me. Lucky me. Watching half nekkid belly dancers with a lesbian. She then leaned over and said, “That one really puts the belly in belly-dancing” and then laughed. Lesbian humor? I guess. She was talking about this belly dancer who weighed about 350 pounds. It was interesting to say the least.

Note to self: Stop buying M&Ms and ice cream everytime you go to the store. Thanks.

She finally left and I got up and ran into another former co-worker who was also a lesbian. I swear, it was like a Lesbian-pa-looza. So we chatted for a moment. I guess I now know where lesbians hang out. Belly-dancing events.

I then headed back to my drawing event tent. I figured it was safe. Hours and hours had passed. I didn’t think I’d have to put poles into holes or anything. We had a young model. A very young one. In fact I didn’t even know whether they were male or female. She/he kinda looked like the kid who played “James at 15” back in the 1980s, so I thought it was a boy. And then somebody said “She’. Oh. Whoops.

It was nice to draw something besides some jaded, suicidal looking college student. They get tiresome. They think they’re doing you a favor by looking bored, but hey, how about looking like you have a pulse! Anyhoo, I guess its up to you rather you think my drawing looks like the subject. I guess a little. I was using a crayon which is something I never used before. So no erasing. But I guess it was okay.

I did take a break after that and who do I see walking by? “J” from work. Coincidental? I think not! So I called out to him and he acted all surprised, like “Oh, you’re at the Festivale de’ Hippie”? Like duh! He told me he was there with his son and his wife who was supposedly walking behind him somewhere. I saw his kid blaze by him, but to be honest, the several times I saw him the rest of the day, I never saw his wife. Not sure why he felt the need to lie to me. Not that I really cared. So we chatted. Again he reiterated his need to have lunch with me now that we’re not working together anymore. I didn’t say yay or nay. I then brought him over to our tent and amazingly he grew up with one of my art buddies, the Sci Fi Guy. They grew up on the same street, so they chatted for a while. They couldn’t be more different.

How different? I couldn’t ever imagine “J” playing swords with a little kid like the Sci-Fi Guy did yesterday.

It was so damn cute. The kid was giggling his head off.

I did get to see my buddy Charlemagne. He came by the tent late afternoon. He was with his girlfriend, so he said to me, “She knows I’m bad, so I have to behave while she’s here.” And he did. I took a cute picture of him, but I won’t be printing it here of course.

We did have our outrageous model Mick towards the end of the day. He’s the nudist County Judge who poses for us occasionally. But since we were set up out on a public street corner, he had to keep his clothes on, but you could really tell he was raring to strip down to that black g-string he was wearing. How did I know he was wearing one? Because he kept pulling out the waist band of his shorts and I could see it in all its black G-string glory. And I could just see the cops, who were patrolling the area, shutting us down on obscenity charges. Oy!

Finally after enjoying an African Drum Circle, I decided to call it a day. I was totally exhausted. Plus my foot with the plantar fasciitis was really killing me. Plus I had gotten sunburned. But I did have a moment to pose with my friend L against the late summer night sky.

It was truly a fun day!

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