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2006-10-02 @ 7:04 p.m.
three ways to use the word gah! effectively

Oh, lots of stuff happened today. Blah, blah, blagghh! Called in sick to work. Went to where I used to work for an appointment with my case manager. People were so excited to see me they were practically throwing rose petals in my path. "J" went out to lunch with me. I talked to my old boss and said: "Say, can I have my old job back?" (gulp. What nerve, huh?) and she said she'd have to talk to her boss.

Went to my old Emp0werment group, because to tell you the truth, I really needed some empowering. I accidently tried to lead the group though. Whoops! Old habits die hard, ya know. "J" was tripping all over himself, in apparent excitement, saying how he's been heart-broken without me much I've been missed and then forcing everyone to say how much they missed me. Gah! Stop it now. Stop!

It was then decided that my "goddess-like feminine mystique" and "calmness" (ha!!!) was missed the most. Me? I have goddess-like feminine mystique? And calmness? You're kidding, right? I thought I was just a short chubby menopausal woman with lots of anger issues, but hey! I'll take it!! What happened to cute, dammit?

I am a little worried though that I didn't hear from my old boss yet. If I'm going to do this, I need to do it before I go back to Job Evil Thursday, because I'm also waiting to hear about a different job within the store....TOMORROW. I don't want to say yes to that (even though I don't want it) and then get a job offer from my old place, 12 minutes later. Gah #2!

And then I went home to rest. Because I'm in really bad shape physically. My fibro is killing me. My sinus infection continues to be sinusy.

And then around 6:35....knock, knock, knock!! I pretty much knew who it was. Harold the Geek. Tomorrow is our big, super colossal supposed date. And I had never called him back after his 4556 notes on my door. I just couldn't. I hate calling guys. It makes me itch. Especially Republicans. And sure enough, there was Harold, in all his geeky splendor. At least he wasn't wearing his safari outfit. Maybe it was in honor of Steve Irwin's passing.

Anyways, he was very straight forward. He said, I've never heard back from you about our date, so are you available tomorrow night?

wait...heh, heh, I just have to take this all in. Has the word "date" even been in anyone's vernacular since the 1950's? Isn't that like what Rock Hudson said to Doris Day in some Pajama Game movie? Oh wait, I guess we are talking about a geek who lived with his mommy until he was in his 50's, right?

So I apologized for not getting back to him and said that my life had been very chaotic lately because I had changed jobs and had been having neighbor problems lately. He was just staring intensely at me, like some mad scientist examining a three legged frog speciman. And I said, "Yes".

He just blinked incomprehensively and said, "I truly wasn't expecting that answer."

me either

I'm just too much of a wimp to turn him down. Hopefully he won't get obsessed with me, like all the others in my super secret cult following (Garden Hacker, Psycho Lesbian). So I guess the only thing left to say is Gah! A date with a Republican geek-boy.

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