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2006-10-08 @ 1:32 a.m.
keeping tabs on tiny frankenstein

Today was the hanging of the bad taste art show. I called "L" the hippie chick to see if she needed a ride down to town, since I know she doesn't have a car. She was bitching about how little sleep she got and how she needed a shower, and how she had fallen asleep with a paint brush in her hand last night, blah, blah, blah, so I just told her I'd stop by and get her. I like to help out people who don't have cars, because I know how it is.

So I called her again right when I was leaving and she said she had taken a shower and then she screams rather melodramtically, "OK, come get me!".
Her house is extremely dilapidated. I think Charlemagne goes and cuts her grass occasionally so the city doesn't fine her. She has several renters and right now her nine month pregnant daughter and grandson are living with her, so her house is extremely chaotic. I can see why she doesn't get any sleep. But I like her. She's very entertaining. And everyone knows her in the art community.

When she got in the car, we looked at each other's art. She loved my "Nuns arouse me" piece. She had 6 pieces, mostly watercolors of nudes. Her grandson was with her. He's a noisy little critter, but his life is very chaotic too, so I give him a little leeway. He was wearing a Frankenstein mask today and going "Roar!!!!" about every two seconds. He's only about six and she brings him to our nude drawing class. He doesn't care. He usually draws pictures of dinosaurs.

So we got downtown and went to the bar where the show was going up and it was a real hole in the wall...a dive, painted black with a tiny stage at one end. The Sci-Fi Guy was already there, draping the walls with black material and hanging artwork with wire from ceiling pipes.

There were probably about 6-9 artsy people hanging out. I didn't recognize anyone. They weren't the usuals from my art class, but rather an oddball collection that included Goth types, like the bald kid who had blue and green serpents tattooed where his hair should have been and the girl with a shock of purple hair and multiple iron posts impaling her forehead. Ow! There were also some older male artists like "Crispy", who is both an artist and an actor. I was snapping pictures like I always do and he asked if I was from the FBI. I later heard him walking around saying really hilarious things to other people, but I was strangely intimidated by him. He had painted this huge painting of clowns in a forest with cartoonish coyotes hiding behind trees, a 'la "Roadrunner" cartoon. I had the misfortune of having my much smaller clown/nun painting next to his. It was kind of like my very first art show when they put my painting next to this painting of a massive erect penis and I thought, well, at least I won't have to worry about people looking at my work.

"L" then introduced me to this guy John, who was hanging some of the paintings. He was probably in my age range, who looked at my painting and liked it I guess. He then started talking about his multiple paintings of vaginas, based on photos he had taken. Now I can usually go with the flow in conversations like that, but I was a little taken aback. I think it was because of the way he was looking at me, like "Hey baby, I'm recruiting." It was kinda icky. So I just pretended to look at all the other activity going on and fiddled with my camera. La. La. La. Pictures of vaginas. Yup. Fortunately there was a box of donut holes nearby, and I think I'm nearly over my hatred of anything bakery-related, so I scarfed down some goodies.

I was also keeping an eye on "L"s grandson, because he was running in and out of the building. I took a really cute picture of him in his Frankenstein mask, standing inside an old telephone booth in the bar. He loved the attention and then wanted me to take like 100 pictures of him. He was cute, but I had to say no. I also realized, seeing him run around unsupervised, really kicked me into Mommy-gear. And I'm not even a Mommy. I guess maybe I was meant to be, since the feelings are so strong. It just never happened.

So the art for the show, basically fell into three categories. Clowns. Big breasted naked women. Science Fiction Creatures. A couple of the artists from the show, actually make a living from art namely a guy who worked for Mad Magazine for many years and then a really nice guy who now does illustrations for children's books. The illustrator guy came in just as I was leaving. He had this huge image that I initially thought was Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". I took a picture of him with the huge cloth image. We asked him how he transferred an image that large onto material and he said a copy machine at Kinko's. I think he was kidding though.

So tonight was the big event. I was originally thinking of going, but its at a bar with smoking and drinking and I don't do either, plus I work in the morning, so I didn't go. I'm also feeling really exhausted and depressed. I just went home today and went to sleep for several hours. I feel like I have mono or something. Or I'm just feeling really lonely. I miss my friends at my old job. I haven't seen Charlemagne in several weeks and miss him. I'm surrounded by lots of new people I don't know. I feel crummy about my last appointment with "A". And I'm actually a little apprehensive about the Harold the Geek thing. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I have no idea what to do. And unfortunately my go-to guy "A" has canceled yet another appointment this week. I feel lost.

I do have two more art shows coming up this month. One with my art class which will take place at...get this....a hair salon. I checked it out this afternoon briefly, since it was in the same trendy neighborhood as the bar. I think its a dumb idea to have an art show there, plus they're canceling our art class the night of the opening, which has never been done before. So we'll all be gathering amid the hair dyes and curling irons to look at our nude paintings. Isn't that tres chic?

And then the second show will be at my old place of employment. I plan to pull out all the stops and bring in 6-7 paintings. It would be nice to be able to sell one of the damn things, since I'll be there the entire day. I still need to frame a few of them. But I think the real reason I want to go there is to be a superstar for a day. I'm sure I'll get a lot of compliments on my work and people will be really nice to me. And I really need that at the moment because I've been feeling like such a failure lately....a trend I really need to reverse.

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