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2006-10-16 @ 1:03 a.m.
one pill cures it all

  • I have the beginnings of my second cold in a month. WTF?

  • My legs are so sore tonight I feel like I ran the Boston Marathon backwards up over the Himalayan Mountains and they were wrapped in barbed wire.

  • Iím really trying to be more customer service oriented at my job at the grocery store, but having a woman ask me how to water proof her coat and then being angry when I didnít know and then persisting and asking ďWell, then WHO would know?Ē Like lady....this isnít, this is a fucking grocery store.

  • I was so desperate for company this weekend I went to the support group I used to run at my old job and then went out to lunch with the female co-facilitator I never cared for at Denneyís and ate a big greasy omelette that nearly made me hurl.

  • My god, when was the last time I saw ďAĒ? It seems like years. I miss him. Is that like sinful? Should we like contact the Vatican? Like ďDear Pope German Guy, Does missing your shrink constitute mortal sin? Love, witty.Ē

  • Did Charlemagne ever give that guy my e-mail address? Or did the guy just never write me? Hard to tell. But I keep racing to my damn computer every night looking for this whimsical fun letter from this Irish guy wanting to meet me and then all I find are 12 spam mails for viagra.

  • Moths. Everywhere! Iím like in the middle of some massive secret science experiment. I have months flying all over my apartment. I opened one of my four boxes of cereals and about 20 moths flew out. And then the other three boxes were totally infested too, so I had to throw them all out. But the moths are still flying around and its really starting to annoy me.

  • And then thereís the pigeons. It seems that the Garden Hacker Guy is a bird lover...despite the fact that he cuts down every possible place they could nest. But in response he has been erecting bird feeders all summer. First there were three....then 4...then 9. Now every bird flying south from Canada can spot them at 12,000 feet, since they're all next to each know, sorta like one stop shopping. I mean, I love birds. Iíve always kept bird feeders too. Just not nine of them in a a row. Unfortunately it has also attracted a bunch of pigeons. Like 25-30. And all they do all day is fly down to the ground and fly up to the roof. Fly down. Fly up to the roof. Fly down. Fly up to the roof. Coo! Coo! Guardcat is totally petrified fascinated. She hides at the edge of the window, peering out, because it looks like the birds are going to smash into my bedroom window when they fly up to the roof. Thatís how close they are. Unfortunately, they are also getting into my chimney and having crazy pigeon sex, because I can hear all this fluttering and cooing and squawwwwwwk, cooooooo! Oh what great fun! As are the huge rats that about the size of golden retrievers that are now constantly running around under the feeders across the creek. Iíve also seen them swimming in the creek. I know one thing. Iím REALLY glad those feeders are there. Yup!

  • I just donít know what to do about my job. Its just too hard for me physically. I thought I could handle it but I canít. I did see a job posting for a job in the photo lab. That would be more up my alley, but Iím not sure what human resources will think about an employee who jumped to three jobs in a month. Oh wait, I do know...WHAT A FLAKE!! And maybe I am. I feel like a total whiner. And I guess I am. I really canít help my physical ailments though. I just didnít really realize how severe they were until I put them to the test. I did talk to a woman I had somewhat befriended in the bakery today. We were talking about pain and medications and what I might be able to do. She suggested a change in lifestyles like giving up red meat and sugar. Huh? So instead I went on the internet tonight to find something less radical that might help with my myriad of problems. Iím very excited to report that I think I might have finally found a solution....

    I only hope Medicare covers it.

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