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2006-10-19 @ 11:57 p.m.
art possibly worth going to hell for

I've mostly been sleeping the last three days. Have been feeling exhausted. My sciatic nerve has been killing me. I tried to get a doctor's appointment this morning but my doctor had 33 appointments scheduled today. And you wonder why you only get 4 minutes with your doctor.

So since sleeping for three days doesn't exactly lend themselves to exciting diary entries, I thought I'd let you see my recent artwork for the Art in Bad Taste Art Show. Now if you're Catholic, you might want to avert your eyes or say a novena or something....since I'm fairly certain this might be a teensy bit offensive. Incidentally, this was what I was painting when Harold the Geek came and asked me on a date. Maybe I should have shown it to him. He probably would have either fainted or fallen over the second floor railing into the creek. Dang, why do I always think of these good ideas afterwards. Anyhoo, here is my little piece of artwork. Part of it was cut off by the scanner, specifically the word "Me", but what are you going to do, right?

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