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2006-11-01 @ 12:11 a.m.
children of the corn...the crazy one

So tonight when I went to cook a dinner of meatballs, I went to the cupboard to see what I could have as a side dish. I had thought green beans sounded good, but when I opened up the cabinet, I saw something rather alarming. All that was in there was a box of cereal, salt and, umm, well, heh, 10 cans of corn.

Yup! CORN!!!!!!!!! A cornucopia of corn. Cornis Hilton. Corn-a-rama. I have this illness you see. And addiction really. I cannot pass a can of corn when I see it at the store. Why? Because Iím worried that back at rancho d'wittykitty, I might be getting low on said, corn and that if I donít reach for some, I might end up, you know, empty-handed at some important juncture. And then where would I be? Huh???

Okay, Iím totally making this all up. I pulled out the first can of corn. And then the next and then the next and then suddenly I realized I had 10 freakiní cans of corn in the cabinet (and one in the be honest). And I thought....WTF??? What is wrong with me?

So see how sad it is to be me. Hey honey, what is witty writing about today?


And that, my friends, is pretty much the apex of the last three days or so. Unless you count sleeping and the fact that my cat was sarcastically scoffing at me as I carried ten cans of corn to my scanner in the living room, to scan this evening. I mean, how embarrassing is that?

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