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2006-11-27 @ 1:06 a.m.


  • Cries alot.

  • Bites the heads off sales clerks who are idiots. No, I mean literally, you know, like for snacks.

  • And then cries alot.

  • Beeps horn repeatedly at stupid drivers...even after they have driven away, and then cries alot.

  • Likes having her dorsal fins stroked. (Wink, wink)

  • And then cries alot.

  • Walks by wedding apparel store and laughs bitterly at a bunch of young, skinny girls meeting outside giggling as they all introduce themselves and realize they're all named Jennifer.

  • And then cries alot.

  • Wonders why her new date mate forgot to call her about their Sunday outing and then takes it personally, like does he suddenly dislike my cute little dorsal fin? And then cries alot.

    So, I guess you can see why the Menopausal-a-saurus is kind of a drag to be around. Although all we really need is a goddamn hug.

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