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2006-12-13 @ 1:40 a.m.
Inigo Montoya comes for a visit....

Since my campaign to gaze rhapsodically upon penises has been sorely lacking of late, I was totally delighted last Wednesday when we had our first male model in over six months. I had, in fact, been so distressed over the lack of men modeling for us, that I, the only official female member of our board actually complained about it at our last meeting.

"Where are all men? Huh!?" And then there was a lot of low grade mumbling amongst the male board members which sounded vaguely like, "girls with boobs. good. OOK OOK!"

But we finally had a man last Wednesday and all us poor old middle aged women, who may not have seen any naughty bits for quite awhile, were all wildly appreciative, throwing rose petals along the path to the modeling area, chanting "Hail the Male! Hail the Male". I mean, can you tell most of us live with our cats?

And finally HE, the possessor of what we don't normally get to see on our slew of Nicole Richie wannabee models...a clothed weight of more than 79 pounds and well, the other thing. You know...Mr. Happy. It was wonderful.

He was also lovely too. I got many nice drawings of him. And I had to keep poking myself to remember to memorize what a penis looks like, since I probably won't be seeing another one any time soon.

So here is "C" (minus his naughty bits. He did have an interesting face too, ya know).

All I could think of while he was standing there was that character in "The Princess Bride", who walked around saying, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

The only thing missing was a sword, although, come to think of it, not really. :-)

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