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2006-12-18 @ 1:28 a.m.
the Hanukkah cat detective

Guardcat was snooping around in my bathroom cabinet this morning. Last time she went in there, there was a mouse, so I opened the doors and looked deep into the chaos. I couldnít see anything moving or hear anything squeaking, so I went to shut the door and there was something sticking out. Like most of you, instead of looking to see what it was, I just kept trying to slam the door shut, because Guardcat was being all nosy and I didnít want her poking around in there again. Finally, after about 14 aggravated door slammings, I looked to see what was jamming the door. And it was these....

My 3-D Happy Hanukkah glasses. How incredibly clever of Guardcat to be reminding me that its Hanukkah. She certainly wasnít looking for no dumb fuzzy mouse. She was just hunting down our ultra cool, yet festive 3-D Hannukah glasses. Good kitty!

So, I was thinking of wearing them down to the Medicaid office tomorrow. Although to be honest, the clerks there are already scary enough in one dimension. So I guess Iíll just put them on my green stuffed sequined frog which is draped over my computer monitor and hope that his 3-D view of me, isnít quite as horrifying.

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