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2007-01-22 @ 9:09 p.m.

Me walking up to the Pharmacy Lady I've been going to for the last eight years.

witty: "I'd like to RENEW some of my medications."
Pharmacy Lady: "Have you ever been here before?"
witty: ”Ummm, ahhhhhh....”
Pharmacy Lady: (looking over her half glasses rather sternly at my gross incompetence at being unable to answer such an easy question and then repeating the question very slowly as if she's interacting with Rainman) " before?"
witty: ”I'm RENEWING them...” (and thinking rather humorously to myself, "And to think I'm about 3 second away from needing the medications that are preventing me from jumping up over that counter and performing reconstructive surgery on her nose without the benefit of anesthesia.)

Now my reaction may seem a little extreme, but let me explain. This woman, who I believe may have been the REAL model for Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil Wore Prada", doesn't belong in customer service. Why? Because she wears the exact same sneer as Meryl Streep did in "The Devil Wore Prada". She treats people with the same disdain as Meryl Streep did in "The Devil Wore Prada". And she even looks like Meryl Streep did in "The Devil Wore Prada" for god sakes....with the white blonde hair, the bright red lipstick, the halfie black glasses.

But she is one miserable snotty person. And she makes you feel like she's doing you a favor by just turning in your direction and an even bigger favor by giving you the information she should be giving you anyways because its her frickin’ job!

And she has probably waited on me at least 45 times. Have I had a face lift....dyed my hair blonde/red/purple/you pick....lost 110 pounds....worn a burka....done anything that might have possibly confused her as to who I am? Negative, good buddy. I have even worked in the same store as her for 7 weeks. And yet she STILL can’t recognize me. I mean has she ever even made an effort to make eye contact or initiate customer service with me? No. Talked to me in a friendly and personable manner? No. Made me feel like I'm important and needed to be taken care of because this is, after all, a pharmacy and I may not be feeling well when I hand her my prescription. No. Because she rather incorrectly believes that SHE’S the most important person in the building. But that, of course, is incorrect-a-mundo.


So after much ado and a lot deep personal customer service oriented probing (okay there was none), she finally just ripped the two prescriptions out of my hands like some hooker grabbing a twenty and asked me my birthdate (2-12-58) and didn’t ask when I needed them or anything, because god forbid, why wreck a totally perfect record of unmitigated rudeness. She then just said “4:00” without asking what my needs were. Although I think she might have possibly ALMOST broken a fingernail when she turned away in a slight huff. Why? I think it was because I had the sheer audacity to say, “Okay” without her apparent approval.

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