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2007-02-04 @ 9:23 p.m.
busy, busy, busy during super bowl

What I did during the Super Bowl and the Pre-Show, which I believe started about 3 days ago...

  • Collected all the cat fur in my entire apartment and knitted a scarf for George Stephanopoulos.

  • Photoshopped a picture of David Hasselhoff to look like that guy with the silver tipped hair on "The Sopranos".

  • Viewed a guy's butt crack at the soda can recycling center and almost enjoyed it.

  • Wondered if you could make very large dangerous icicle drop on somebody's head from a second story roof with a remote control. Hey, I was just writing a scene from a movie!


  • Repainted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with a more cheerful Simpsons theme.

  • Gazed at my bookcase and momentarily considered putting the books in alphabetical order...and then went "What? Am I nuts?"

  • Wanted to go outside and make a Naked Snow Angel but then its only 7 degrees outside and I would hate to get frozen to some rock and have to have Garden Hacker Guy come and chain-saw me loose.

  • Tried to figure out why they put a shot of a lighthouse at the end of a commercial for Cialis, a medicine for erectile dysfunction. Do you suppose they're trying to imply you'll get a boner the size of a 300 foot lighthouse?

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