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2007-02-10 @ 1:12 a.m.
cleaning junk out for the arrival of the new life

Oh man, I just had to watch that stupid "Oprah" show..the one about decluttering your house and suddenly I'm running around my house dumping out drawers, pulling clothes out of the closet, and going through old dusty boxes of "Moonlighting" tapes and tossing out everything but Guardcat!

I guess this may have started a little pre-Oprah with the deleting of Married Guy's e-mails from my computer and the subsequent shredding of his letters over at A's office. A's been a pretty good sport about pulling out his shredder the last two weeks. I do have one more thing I need to destroy of Married Guy's and I know this is weird, and its not something you can shred, but I kept a half a dozen roses he once gave me. Oh come on ladies, you know you've kept flowers somebody gave you. Anyways, I had kept the whole bouquet, but they were getting kinda crispy, so I eventually just snapped the flower part off and did a kind of decorative thing on the top of a bowl of potpourri. Yeah, who knew I was so Martha Stewart. So I might bring them in this week and just crumble them up and stomp on them a few dozen times while singing "Hava Nagila". I just hope that 'A" has a mini-vac.

I guess I'm just trying to get rid of some junk in my life, so I can usher in the new and improved era. Its kind of like a nesting thing. Or an un-nesting thing. I'm trying very hard to convince myself that I need to get out of this apartment. I usually love moving from apartment to apartment. I've certainly done enough of it. The only problem is, I actually like this apartment....I just despise the jackass downstairs and his constant noise, which includes hammering out on his porch when its 1 degree outside, the sawing, the operation of a chain saw(!), the opening and slamming of his porch door a minimum of 1.6 million times a day. And then, of course, all his equally noisy apartment maintenance guy duties like creek raking, cutting down trees that don't need to be cut down, shoveling snow like 700 times in a single day, sometimes as late as 3:15 a.m., and hitting my front door so hard with his snow shovel that my whole apartment shakes...just so I know he's irritating me on purpose. Plus the many, many, many other things I have discussed in this diary over the last six months (vandalism on my car, calling the police on me twice, pouring inky shit down the inside of my screen door).

But I'm still having a hard time, making myself give notice. I like my apartment. I'm right next to a pretty creek with trees, dammit.

But I figure if I start cleaning out junk from my apartment, which is my usual method of preparing for a move, maybe that one little wimpy brain ion will bitch-slap the other more willfull brain ion that's in charge of making life changing decisions, and then I will finally be able to make an actual decision.

Cleaning out junk is interesting though. I have so many pieces of paper of paper in my apartment I could probably reconstruct a redwood tree. Of course, I'd really rather be making some fabulous origami of a Red-Earred Crane than filing. You know....being an Art Brain and all. But I did file everything. And I even found a bunch of checks that I needed to verify that I've been paying on a certain account that has NO records of my payments. Strange, huh? Kinda felt like Columbo on that one.

I've also started bringing stuff to the Salvation Army. VHS tapes, clothes, books. I'd like to also maybe sell some stuff on E-Bay. Haven't done that in a while. Am I too apathetic and/or lazy? Meh! I haven't done that in about two and a half years. I had somebody hack into my E-Bay account last summer and try to sell a bunch of electronics. I only realized it when some dork wrote me an e-mail and asked me that if they bought a Big Screen TV...would I really throw in FREE SHIPPING (!!!) And I was like huh'what?? And then I looked at my account and saw like 25-30 listings of high end electronics (big screen TVs, video and digital cameras) listed. Holy Shit! Fortunately E-Bay also "noticed" the sudden activity and shut it down. And considering I usually only sell things like postcards and vintage books, I was pretty lucky they had that safeguard in place.

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