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2007-02-14 @ 12:39 a.m.
I'd like to thank the academy....

Man, you guys are great! Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes Monday! They really made my day! Sheesh! I kinda strangely felt like Britney Spears getting out of a limo with all that attention! And the gifts! Wait! I actually got gifts! Quick, somebody pinch me! That in itself was exciting, and then the sheer thoughtfulness of them, like a gift certificate (!!) from from my favorite Australian goddess HissandTell . And that on the heels of a giftie package in January which included the coolest purse I've ever had. I totally feel like a rock star when I carry it and women are literally falling over themselves wondering where I got such an exquisite work of art.

And then there was Andria who burned me come mad cool CDs. Ok, maybe they're only cool to me...CDs of The Supremes, Billie Holiday, Billy Joel, the musical "Chicago", Aretha Franklin (Guardcat gets scared when I try and sing "Respect") and Smokey Robinson. Anytime I can expand my rather meager CD collection, its definitely all good.

My birthday was pretty quiet. As per tradition, I went over to my aunt's house for dinner, which at my aunt's house means, eating at 1 p.m. She had cooked a whole big turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and corn and stuffing. It was kind of like Thanksgiving in February. My mom was there naturally. Yack, yack, yack....mostly about Gay Elvis. Sometimes I wonder and dream...hmmm....what would it be like if I ever had a birthday....that was actually about ME!! (cue: thoughtful music)

Married Guy used to do a pretty good job of it, giving me a massage and then cooking a meal for me and then totally making me the center of attention for like three hours. And my aunt is also willing to do that for me because she loves me. But my mom needs to be the center of attention at all times. Its the law. So we just listened to her talk about Gay Elvis, until I got tired of it and I went in the living room and played the entire score of "Cabaret" on my aunt's piano....REALLY a kind of passive aggressive thumbing of my nose, I guess. Meh, it didn't really matter anyways. Nobody noticed and I kind of felt like a dork doing it.

But my aunt did bake me a beautiful little cake. She had called and asked what I wanted a few days ago. She was the person who had taught me about cake decorating before my last job. But after dinner when I asked her to take my picture with my cake, she was all upset because a tiny part of her cake design had accidentally gotten smudged and since she's extremely OCD (angst runs in the family), she spent about 5 minutes trying to angle the camera so it wouldn't capture the "flaw". I figured it was tiny and I was right. Today when I got the photos back, I couldn't even see anything.

She was so funny though. I wanted to have my picture taken with her, since she's my favorite person in the world. At first she flatly refused. Her: Oh no, I'm too tired. And then it was, oh I didn't dye my hair this week. And then she finally agreed but she had to BRUSH HER TEETH FIRST....for a photo. Heh! And then as I was waiting in the living room, she disappeared again into her bedroom and came out wearing sunglasses. Huh? She explained that a camera flash hurts her eyes, so she'd be wearing sunglasses when my mom took our picture together. I told her she looked like the Vanilla Ray Charles and she actually got the joke. She doesn't usually get humor.

Although I briefly had her and my uncle laughing (when my mom actually stopped talking for like 2.2 seconds), telling them that since I live alone I drink Diet Coke directly out of 2 litre bottles and how the first sip is always the worst since I usually bonk myself in the head with the bottle.

And then tonight I had the distinct honor (?) of having Charlemagne sing "Happy Birthday" to me in a wildly operatic voice with his arms dramatically outstretched during our Board Meeting. (oy) He told me that its only Day Two of my Birthday Week (something I wasn't aware of), so I'm to expect many more things to happen this week.


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