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2007-02-15 @ 3:25 p.m.
evil snow - - must die

Okay. Its official. Winter can end anytime it wants to now.

I usually feel this way anyways in February since usually by this time, we've been ensconced in snow, frigid temperatures and gray skies for almost 3 months by now. I'm an outdoor girl, ya see. I walk. I need to be outside. Not only for my physical well being but also for my mental health. It gives me time to think and clear things out.

Because being stuck in my apartment like yesterday while the skies were spewing 20 inches of snow in less than 24 hours was not fun. Watching your car get buried up to nearly the hood was not fun. Getting woken up at 1:45 a.m. AGAIN (!!!!!) by Psycho Snow Shovel Boy was not fun. Why must he shovel in the middle of the night? Why? I had actually fallen asleep on the couch....from exhaustion, because he had woken me up at 6 a.m. that morning....shoveling and banging my door with all his angry might. I just almost can't remember, at this point, what I did that was so heinous to evoke such anger almost nine months later.

The snow had actually started Tuesday night after my board meeting. I was terrified when I came out the door and it was blizzard conditions. I'm scared to drive in the snow and I live in the one of the snowiest cities in the country. Good planning, aye? I don't mind driving in snow if there is absolutely nobody else on the road. But as soon as I see headlights coming up fast behind me, I get all freaked out, thinking my car is going to start fishtailing and I'm going to slam into them.

I did have one accident in my youth, non-snow, where somebody shot out of a driveway during an intense rainstorm, and I slammed on my brakes, spun around 2 1/2 revolutions, ended up facing the opposite direction, smashing head-on into a rock outcropping on the side of the road. My car was totaled, but I didn't have a scratch amazingly. So I've always been more scared of "the other guy" then of myself in terms of driving.

But hibernation is not good for the soul. My art class was canceled because of the Nor'ester last night. As was everything else around here was. "L" the hippy chick called to confirm this with me and I was so happy just to be able to talk to someone, since I am truly starting to feel like a shut-in. I did see "A" Tuesday morning. He's heading out to Florida momentarily. Not sure whether the weather affected his departure, but like all of us Northerners, I could tell he was definitely ready to exit, stage right and feel the warm gentle lapping of the Atlantic Ocean on his toes.

Me too! Me too!

Note to self: Shrink does not want to take you on his vacation to Florida witty, even though it would be better for your mental health than all the medications you've taken in the last 10 years...and geeze, I didn't mean WITH HIM, I just meant he could drop me off with an ice chest of Diet Coke under a palm tree by the ocean and let me watch guys walk by in their Speedos. That's all.

Also originally I had an appointment with my case manager today. I had been worrying all morning about my mode of transportation downtown. The roads are still in bad shape and we were expecting yet more snow this afternoon. Or would I go stand on the corner in -20 wind chill weather and wait for the bus. I had sort of decided to do a combination of both. I was going to dig my car out of its huge snow-drift garage. Drive it down to our little mall a half a mile away and then wait inside the store for the bus to come, that way I could stay warm, get my car out of the snow drift and also get a groceries when I got back (okay, I really just needed a chocolate fix, ya happy??). And then she called and canceled my appointment because of the flu.

But I was determined to dig my car out anyways, because it was in a particularly bad spot because I parked next to the street, so one side of my car had all the plowed snow from the street piled up over the roof. On the other side it was merely up to the door handles. And since this apartment complex is shit for plowing (Snow Removal Boy doesn't "do" the parking lot and PLEASE don't suggest it because then he'd be out there at 4 a.m. shoveling or cutting down trees or loitering near my car or whatever the hell it is that he does outside all night and I would never sleep).

So I had to tromp down through the snow which was pretty much up to my hips with a broom. It was lightweight snow, but when its all compressed, its not that light. Plus it was really hard opening the car doors. And even harder knocking 20" of snow off the roof of your car, when you're only 5'4". I actuallymanaged to work up a sweat even though it was only about 6 degrees out.

I really, really didn't think I would be able to back my car out of the snow drift though. I mean really. I couldn't even make a dent in the side of the car where the snow was up to the roof, so I just left it. But I had remembered yesterday morning when some dork had gotten stuck in the snow right under my bedroom window and had just repeatedly spun his wheels for like 15 minutes straight while his girlfriend was out in back of the car, yelling directions to him. This was about 6:30 a.m. and I thinking first....what an idiot, you're flooring your gas pedal and your girlfriend is standing directly BEHIND your car. Isn't that a little dangerous? Like what if you do suddenly succeed in pulling out over a patch of asphalt...won't you run over your girlfriend? And then second....didn't you just burn like about 100,000 miles worth of rubber off on your tire, by spinning them for 15 minutes in huge blue plumes of NASCAR smoke? Why don't you just go get a broom and maybe sweep some of the offending snow out from under your car or even pour some kitty litter down for traction, rather than keeping witty from her beauty sleep with your incessant tire spinning?

So I got in my car, turned on the ignition, warmed it up for a moment and then put it in reverse and fwoooop! It just popped right out of its snow drift garage like poop out of a goose. I was shocked it came out so easily. (The beginning of my Next Seven Years of Good Luck, Hiss?). I had hoped when I went to the store, that the snow plow guy would get his ass in gear and our parking lot would be all flattened out when I got back, but unfortunately, there are still 20" high piles of snow all over the parking lot and huge snow drifts around cars that haven't been moved.

Like I said...winter can end anytime now. Although Guardcat was vaguely amused when I putting on my long johns this morning, and I did a couple of pelvic thrusts towards her and sang "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know." Yeah, I need a date.

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