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2007-03-10 @ 10:32 p.m.
she-wolf and naked boys

Well, after two days of not breathing I finally rather smartly, made my way to the Land of Lesbian Doctors and got some antibiotics. So I am breathing now, but the coughing and sniffling segment is still unfurling and I am getting a terrible case of cabin fever.

I am so bored with being sick that today rather than lying and looking up at the ceiling, which incidently I do almost every day anyways, I decided to start thinking about an art show I have in April. Its rather perverse to say the least. The painting has to have a subject matter of, but not limited to naked women with enormous breasts, space aliens, sexual acts of unusual natures, robots, taxidermy, autopsy photos of dead presidents/movie stars, or maybe even kittens with dresses. I mean its pretty open, but it has to be something Tim Burton would have liked before he went Hollywood.

So I really don't have anything hanging around the apartment like that the moment. Nope. I'm fresh out of alien autopsy paintings, so I decided to start looking through my bookcase for a possible subject to paint today. Why? Because I have cabin fever!! Aren't you listening??

So I dragged out my book of "Cabaret" with Alan Cummings and thought about painting him. No. Dragged out my book of Tim Burton’s original "Batman" with Jack Nicholson as the Joker and thought about painting him. No. And then I saw one of my old books from "The "X" Files".

Yeah, I was one of those people. Actually I was mostly a David Duchovney person. I mean who can ever forget that one delicious episode where he was standing at the edge of a pool wearing only Goggles and a bright red Speedo? Woof!

So I thumbed through the book which were filled with fake cases the dynamic duo might have been able to break and I came upon an interesting pen and ink illustration of a wolf standing guard over two naked babies underneath him. It certainly seemed to fit the bill for weird and nudity. The caption indicated that the picture was actually a She-Wolf with infants Romulus and Remus who founded Rome and made famous the relationship between man and wolf.

So I decided to set to work on this old funky canvas I had from last summer. It was one of the used ones Charlemagne had purloined for me at the university during our conference. It was about 2 inches thick with old paint that had been scratched and scraped with some kind of a putty knife or something because the canvas was deeply grooved and almost crunchy. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to paint on, especially with any kind of detail, but hey, it was a free canvas and free is the name of the game for a starving artist.

So I wrestled around with the image on my kitchen counter. I don't have any place to set up my easel in my apartment because its so small. Its tough standing for two hours hunched over a painting, and boy would my water color teacher be pissed. I had like 7 brushes in a can of water over by the sink. Neener, neener!

It was a bit of a challenge to make the picture go from a black and white pen and ink to a full blown color illustration, but I was under the influence of Amoxicillin (YAY drugs!) and was just slopping paint left and right like I was channeling Kandinsky. Unfortunately, my scanner cut off about 20% of the painting around the edges like the top of the tree and the moon, etc. But at least you can get somewhat of an idea of what the painting looks like. Although I don’t think it will be the one for the “perverse” art show. Its a little too sedate.

Incidently, even though Diaryland kind of hiccuped on my last entry and entered it twice, this was supposed to be my 1000th entry on Diaryland. Hard to believe I've written that many entries and nobody has lost any limbs. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me through thick and thin, especially Hiss and His Holiness.) You are indeed brave souls for staying so long. Love you guys!

Anyhoo, here’s the wolf and the naked boys....enjoy!

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