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2007-03-30 @ 10:25 p.m.
friday night at the memes

Not much happened today. The nitwit landlord came over around noon and unscrewed all the faucets on my bathtub and proclaimed a minor leak. He then used his extremely manly powers to fix it while talking in this high pitched squeaky voice to Guardcat, going “Hi kitty, hi kitty” about 50 times. I guess he didn’t want to talk to me, so talking to a cat who was sleeping on my bed in the next room totally ignoring him, was the next best thing.

I did do a brief stint at the YMCA after he left and then went and had a mammogram. At least the woman lowered the x-ray machine today. I remember I had some wench a couple of years ago, leave the machine up high for a woman who was probably about 5’ 10” and if you could have seen me up on my tippy toes (being only 5’ 4”) trying to toss my boob slabs up into the machinery and then have her yelling at me because I couldn’t angle myself quite right.

Fortunately today was no fuss and no muss. I’m very attentive to my mammograms because we have breast cancer in our family and I had a lump taken out 10 years ago next month. I remember at the time, “A” was upset because the procedure was scheduled the same day as he was running in the Boston Marathon. But he did call me from Boston that night which I thought was very nice. Naturally, I had to wait for the results for about a week I think. I thought I was pretty cool about everything, thinking naw I won’t have cancer. But when they called me at work with the results (which was “No Cancer-all clear”) I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I literally could not stop sobbing. My boss finally just let me go home.

Anyways, since not much is happening I thought I would do a fun little movie meme from the lovely Autumnleigh, since Friday night was always movie night at our house growing up.

1. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times.
“Cabaret”, “Beetlejuice, “Wizard of Oz”, “Batman” (Tim Burton Version), “Birdcage”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Annie Hall”, “Manhattan”

2. Name a movie you have seen multiple times in a theater.
“Cabaret”, “Batman”, “The Godfather”

3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a movie.
Gee, I really don’t have one anymore except maybe Johnny Depp. In the old days, I went through many mini-phases liking such actors as Jack Nicholson, Woody Allen, Michael Keaton, James Spader, Billy Crystal, Joel Grey. Notice there’s no women. I don’t really yearn for any actresses, except maybe Drew Barrymore.

4. Name an actor that would make you less inclined to see a movie.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Segal, The Rock (whatever his name is). Basically any monosyllabic action heroes.

5. Name a movie you can and do quote from.
“Cabaret” (I could actually act, sing and dance the entire movie out for you, since I’ve seen it over 35 times). Also “Annie Hall”, “Manhattan” and “When Harry Met Sally”

6. Name a movie that you know all the words of all the songs.
“Cabaret” hands down.

7. Name a movie you have been known to sing along to.
“Cabaret”, but you can tell me to shut up when I start singing the Gorilla love song in my art class, like I did Wednesday night.

8. Name a movie you recommend everyone see.
If Al Gore’s voice doesn’t put you to sleep, watch “An Inconvenient Truth”, you’ll really learn some frightening facts about global warming.

9. Name a movie that you own.
I’ve actually been thinning out my movie collection recently, but I have a lot of early Hitchcock films, interspersed with mostly comedies like “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” and all my beloved early Woody Allen movies.

10. Name an actor that launched his/her acting career in another medium but has entertained you with his/her acting chops.
Jennifer Hudson in “Dreamgirls”. Hey, I thought she did a great job on her first acting gig. Did you win an oscar in your first movie role?

11. Have you ever seen a movie at a drive-in? If so, what?
Hey, I was born in the 1950’s, of course I’ve been to a drive-in. My parents actually brought me to a drive-in when I was three days old. We saw a Marlon Brando movie called “The Young Lions”. And that’s why I got hooked on movies and eventually became a movie critic.... Early exposure to the cinema.

12. Ever made out in a movie?
Gosh, I was one of those idiots, who actually went to the movies to see a movie. Go figure.

13. Name a movie that you have been meaning to see, but haven’t gotten around to yet.
That one with Judy Dench and Kate Blanchette. I think its called “Notes on a Scandal”

14. Have you ever walked out of a movie?
Yes, some Charleton Heston one set in the future in the 1970’s. I can’t remember its name, but it was incredibly bad. *Update* Golf Widow and TheCrankyOne both came up with titles for that stinker...."Soylent Green" and/or "Omega Man". I think it was "Omega Man". Bad, evil. Stay away!

15. Name a movie that made you cry in the theater.
Man, I cry during toilet paper commercials, so I cry alot at movies. “Sophie’s Choice”, “Dreamgirls”, “Punchline”, “Shoot the Moon”. When Harry is running back to Sally on New Years Eve in “When Harry Met Sally”. I’m a total sucker for all that cinematic schmaltz.

16. Popcorn?
Not anymore. Too damn much money.

17. How often do you go to the movie theater as opposed to renting them or watching them at home?
As a teenager I’d see 2-4 movies a WEEK. Now I see 2-4 movies a year in a theatre. I mostly check them out at the library. I have Netflix, but I am canceling that since I barely use it anymore and can’t really afford the $15/mo.

18. What’s the last movie you saw in a theater?
“Music and Lyrics” with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. It was not bad. Meh. I just really needed a romantic comedy fix that day.

19. What is your favorite/preferred genre of movie?
Funny you should ask....romantic comedies. Definitely. I may seem cynical in print, but I’m a total pushover for a good romantic comedy. My whole view on love, in fact, is based entirely on the romantic comedies of Woody Allen from the 1970’s.The only problem? Woody never ended up with the girl. Does that tell you anything about the current state of affairs of my love life?

20. What was the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?
That I actually remember? Our family went to the movies constantly when I was a kid. I think it was probably “The Love Bug” about a Volkswagen that could talk. How subversive!

21. What movie do you wish you had never seen?
“The Exorcist”. It gave me nightmares for a while after I saw it.

22. What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed?
Probably Stephen King’s “Secret Window” with Johnny Depp. I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but I really enjoyed the trip. I also liked “It”.

23. What is the scariest movie you’ve seen?
“The Shining”. Yes, “The Exorcist” gave me nightmares, but “The Shining” entered my brain like no other movie ever has. And what was strange about it, was the very first time I saw it, I went to a bargain matinee and I was the only frickin’ person in the entire theatre! Talk about being freaked out. Especially when the movie usher came walking in half way through and I jumped about a foot. There are also just scenes in that movie I’ve just never been able to reconcile myself with and I’ve seen the movie close to 10 times. Sometimes when I’m stressed I’ll walk around like that little kid in the movie saying “Redrum, redrum, redrum”.

24. What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?
I don’t even have to think about that one.....”Birdcage” with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, if I watch Nathan Lane trying to walk all macho like John Wayne, I absolutely die.

What are your favorite movies?

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