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2007-04-12 @ 2:54 p.m.
leaf and his lovely twig

I got to the community center at 6:25 and Charlemagne wasn't there yet. I waited in my car for a while and then finally went upstairs. Ever since the Random Stalker Guy incident a few weeks ago, I really don't like going into a darkened building, but I finally went in about 6:35 and turned on all the lights and nervously waited at the window for Charlemagne to come flying into the parking lot at 3000 mph. Which he did at 6:45. Nothing like being on-time (ahem....6:30).

So he walks in the door with a tall, slender African American guy. I wasn't sure who he was, but then suddenly Charlemagne practically yanks my arm out of the socket and says, "You've got to help me carry some stuff in from the car!...NOW!" Now Charlemagne is a big muscular guy and all he usually carries in is his art supplies and a bag of groceries, so I couldn't figure out what he wanted. Plus my purse was sitting unattended over on a nearby chair. I didn't know who this guy was. Not that I'm exactly carrying the Hope Diamond in it or anything, but still. Charlemagne was insistent that I walk down to the front of the building where he told me that "Darnell" was our model of the night, but that he thought he might be a retard and did I notice anything about his continence. Me: "Huh?" I just told him he seemed a little nervous, like that maybe this might be his first time modeling and then Charlemagne said he acted all weird and was waving his hand saying "Hi...Hi!" like a retard while they were talking. Oh fercrissakes. I just told him it was his call, so he was instantly on his cell phone calling another model.

We then walked back upstairs and he dismissed the poor kid. And the kid didn't even react in anger like I would have. Here he came for a job which would have paid him almost $50 and we just randomly send him away with nothing. So once again Charlemagne got to model for the first part of our evening until our "Real" model arrived, but oh my, was it ever worth the wait. (Me fanning myself).

Leaf. Greek God. Body Extraordinaire. (Me fanning myself again).

It has been well over six months since we had a male model and its been even longer since we've had this lovely specimen. He's the nephew of "K", my Second Potential Art Class Boyfriend and even though he's only about 5'9", he is just so awesome to look at...him and his 22 year old mojo. Curly shoulder length hair. Brilliant blue eyes. A brilliant, heart melting smile. And everything South-of-the-Border is better than chocolate. Yes. I know I can't believe I said that either. How do I know this? Well picture this....

Leaf comes to the his little Model Robe that I had so lovingly washed this last week. Ha, ha. It was really short on him. Anyways, he whisks it off and just hops up on stage. All the women seemed to be on the side where I was sitting so he lays down, facing towards us and looks right at your heroine...ha, ha...that's me...WITTY!!...and says "Is that okay?"

What did I say? Frook if I know. I was blushing so red and was so blinded by the sight of his penis, that I think I just kind of said, "rjqrgnhrfrreju dfiigr?" And so the poor lad, asked me again and again I think I might have said something in Swahili or Hindu. And then he smiled and I had a hot flash to end all hot flash and almost thought I was going to take off all my clothes as well, so I could understand his rare naked person language.

So he started to model. It was so nice to have someone who I was actually inspired to draw. I've been so bored and depressed lately with our long line of anorexics-R-us models we've been drawing. I mean you've drawn one skinny chick, you've drawn them all.

Anyways, during break I walked over to "L" the Hippy Chick and asked her how she liked the model and she sighed and said he was just too sexy and she couldn't concentrate. And I think that was true for many of us because the woman who sits next to me every week and does these glorious classical drawings in charcoals, threw away three sheets. I don't think she could handle him. And then when I went to look at Zue's work, she was drawing only his hand. Ha! And she's the one, along with me, who's always demanding male models. And now that we have one, we've all got the vapors and don't know what to do!

Anyways, afterwards, when we were cleaning up, I grabbed some of the white nylon rope that we use to tie up the futon with and showed them to "L" and said, "Now if only we could have gotten Leaf to incorporate these ropes into his poses...I would have helped!" She laughed like hell. Naturally when Charlemagne heard us cackling he had to immediately know if it was about him. We said "No" that we were just lusting after the male model. I told him I was going to create a MySpace page called "ILoveLeaf". Charlemagne got all indignant and said, "Well, us guys never talk about the female models in front of you, so you shouldn't be saying inappropriate things about the male models in front of me!"

Meh, he was just jealous. And besides I was a little hurt when I had asked him a question about the Photoshop disk he had loaned me. He made me feel totally stupid. I wouldn't have asked the question, if I knew the answer, dipshit. I actually cried in my car on the way home.

Anyways, unfortunately Guardcat knocked something unto my Scanner and its not working, so I'm unable to present any drawings of Leaf and his lovely Twig, so I guess you'll just have to use your imagination...and then double that. :-)

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