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2007-04-16 @ 12:25 p.m.
the day "snow" becomes a dirty word

Dear Mother Nature: WTF. I mean WTF!!!

What are you on cocaine or something? What is this? Ten inches of snow in the middle of April? Shouldn’t we be seeing pretty little flowers poking their way up through the dirt? And maybe a ray of sunshine? And maybe even worrying about those cute little Robins I saw scurrying around the yard the other day. Like where are they going to get their worms now? Walmart???

I mean, you must have one helluva case of PMS to unload all this on us (and Jet Blue, for that matter). You should really go get a massage or eat some chocolate or something. I mean I can only lay on my couch and watch so many comedies about drag queens (“Connie and Carla”), before I have to get out and actually see a blade of grass. Ya know?

So please...please...please pack up your bags of snow and go march with the penguins or something, because I really need me some Spring.
Love, witty.

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