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2007-04-19 @ 2:54 p.m.
never touch a bat unless you're medicated

Guess what? Ten inches of snow melted in two days and I think we're off to almost having Spring again! I even went for a walk yesterday out at the canal and came across a tiny little bat sitting on a stone bridge doing a tanning session I think, since you know how us Goth types are kind of pale and stuff. So I went over and said "Hi!" and scritched him on the back...

Gee, its great to be an adult and not have anybody screaming at me ("WITTY, HE'S A BAT, HE PROBABLY HAS RABIES!!! WHY ARE YOU PETTING IT, YOU IDIOT!!"). Because that part of my brain has long since been destroyed by many, many psychiatric drugs, so when I see a cute little furry bat sitting on a stone bridge sunning himself ('BUT WITTY, IF HE'S OUT DURING THE DAYLIGHT HOURS HE'S PROBABLY RABID AND YOU'LL HAVE TO GET A LONG SERIES OF PAINFUL RABIES SHOTS), I just do what comes instinctively to pet the tiny kitty with wings.

Okay, its true, he was uglier than Tammy Fae Bakker without make-up and he kind of hissed and opened his mouth really wide when I petted him on the butt (a true sign of a bat feeling sexually pleasured I'm thinking), but dang, he was so darn cute and felt like a little soft bunny. Just don't tell Guardcat that I was out petting something else that was soft and furry otherwise SHE might bite me in the middle of the night and her teeth are way bigger than "Edward Gorey's" (the bat's new name).

Anyhoo, I had the opportunity to meet a fellow D'Lander
Nilliem from a nearby state yesterday. She was just passing through the area to meet with her mother and we had lunch at the yuppie grocery store. It was nice chatting with her and fortunately she was very lively and chat-worthy, since I'm very quiet and demure. Yeah, I'm sure you don't believe it, but its true. We looked at photos on each other's digital cameras. I got to see her lovely daughters. I had to think for a moment before I showed her my photos, you do I have any naked booby pictures on my camera. Hey, it could happen, but I was down to only about two pictures of Guardcat I think. That was before my meeting with "Edward Gorey the Bat" later in the afternoon. But it was a nice meeting. I had told her I had told "A" I was meeting somebody from the internet and he immediately assumed I was going to have some lesbian outing. Sheesh! Fortunately Nilliem was a good sport about it and we had a nice non-lesbian lunch together.

Had my art class last night. Our Fearless Art Leader finally hosted after being gone nearly seven months with family matters. It was nice seeing him, since he's the heart of the organization. Charlemagne showed up to host, even though nobody asked him to (heh!) and then actually stayed which he usually doesn't do. During the class he dragged me into the bathroom and asked if I was spreading rumors about him on a certain subject. I said I certainly was not and that I would never do that to my friend. He seemed better about things. Its funny, since we're now "friends" he no longer hugs and kisses me. No flirting. No nothing. Isn't that a strange turn of events? I guess he only does that with women who are strangers and don't know his secrets. I kind of miss that though, since I don't get much hugging or kissing in any other venue.

"A" did return Tuesday after being gone for almost a month. It was hard being without my shrink for so long, but he's been recovering from a medical procedure and even though he said I could drop him an e-mail during that time, I didn't except for his birthday. But it was very, very nice seeing him again. He still seems to be hurting though. Poor guy.

Well, I think I want to get out into this cool sunny weather for a nice walk. I have to get my strength up to go to Charlemagne's house tonight to fold and stuff 400 flyers for our upcoming art event!! Its going to be me, Charlemagne and the Tall Skinny Guy who has a crush on me. Oh what fun THAT'S gonna be!

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