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2007-04-26 @ 12:39 p.m.
the dream about cream

I just woke up from the most Salvadore Dali dream and wanted to get it down on cyber paper. I was in As office showing him a book about people working in an arts organization in New York City. He was all excited by what he saw. I was flipping through the pages. I didnt think it was THAT exciting, but Im always happy to please the shrink-a-roonie. But then it was time to say good-bye so I went to hug him. There was a couple standing there watching us. And this was where it went kinda Salvadore Dali.

He hugged me and then threw me up in the air. It was like one of those 1940s dance moves where the girl is thrown up over the guys head almost vertically. And then I just stayed there. Suspended in mid-air. I looked down at A and he had no reaction. He was just like la-la-la, dang, this happens everytime I throw a woman up in the air. I then looked over at the couple looking at us and there was no reaction from them either. And then as suddenly as it started, it just ended and I slowly slid down the front of him and he said Deal or no deal? I usually joke back about that, but I was too freaked out, so I just ran out his office without saying good-bye.

But instead of running into his usual quiet hallway of mostly shrink offices, it was into this large bustling hallway. There were mostly women and children walking around. These hallways soon opened up into larger areas and I started noticing something strange. There were lots of open rooms with all kinds of pianos in them. Spinets...keyboards...grand pianos. I, of course, used to play the piano, and whenever I see a piano anywhere I always have to suppress the urge to go play them. But soon I was walking into an even larger open area. It looked like a large conference center...full of women and children...and pianos. It was noisy and friendly sounding. I wasnt scared or anything. I was just wondering how I walked out of As office in a small office complex in the Village and ended up in Pianos-R-Us Conference Center with a huge stone fireplace and kids running around.

I finally spotted a little cafe place. It looked like they had my favorite...muffins, so I started walking towards the counter when I heard somebody call out my name. It was a male voice. I turned and it was a guy from my art class board, P. Hes a Jewish Guy whos a little overbearing with his opinions in the meetings but ultimately very nice personally. Its funny, Im totally surrounded by Jewish people here in New York. Charlemagne. L the Hippy Chick. Zue. P and even A. We just jive, I guess.

Anyways, so P and I start to chat for a minute about stuff. I think he thinks hes catnip to the ladies like most men, so I just let him play the part, but suddenly he grabs my hand and starts licking it. As usual, nobody walking around is noticing anything and he practically has my whole hand in his mouth, slurping it like crazy and Im like totally aghast. Like WTF??? I finally manage to say, Why are you doing that? and he's like, You had some cream on your hand. I just wanted to eat it. Im done now. And then he drops my hand, walks towards an elevator, and I inexplicably look at a big red EXIT sign and that was the end of the dream.

Anyone have any idea what any of this means? Im sure if I asked A hed say SEX because he says everything I dream about is about sex, but how is a piano about sex? There is a man at the beginning and a man at end of my dream. Is that good? I was molested as a kid. Maybe thats saying I will end up with someone after all. Wow, that was pretty optimistic coming from me. Call CNN News!! I also, of course, bypassed the women and kids part, since I never had kids and really cant at this point. And being suspended in the air might be how I feel right now....suspended. Stuck. But if I go to a convention center with pianos Ill meet a Jewish Guy? Yeah, that must mean what it means. Yup. But a convention center with pianos? Oh witty, honestly. Of course, you did enter a contest to win tickets to the local symphony and theres pianos there. Who knows, maybe youll win the tickets and meet someone....

And maybe pigs will fly. Time for breakfast.

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