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2007-06-07 @ 2:03 p.m.
moving day

My diaryland SPAM has been getting increasingly, ummmm, interesting and plentiful these days. How about you? Like this morning's crop. The first one I opened. I mean I knew it wasn't going to be a real comment since I haven't written in 3-4 days*. (*I did write an entry two days ago. But...WHERE IN THE WORLD IS WITTYKITTY SAN DIEGO? I have no idea. The mysterious diaryland continuum? The place where I wish all the SPAM mail would fall into permanently? Up Andrew's ass?

I don't know since it said that it updated, but it never updated on the diaryland listings. So hours and hours later, I checked again. It still showed that it was out in diaryland being read by the masses, but it wasn't, so I deleted it, and then it mysteriously popped up on the listings AND then when I clicked on it, and it came up with an error messages saying my website might possibly have to be regenerated since Diaryland cleans house occasionally, but rest assured, all my entries were safe.....


(slowly regaining my composure). And speaking of fucking (were we??) why don't we get back to one of my "fan's" comments this morning. It read as follows, although I will delete the website addresses:

Quote: "Nice site!:
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    Funny, how I, the STAR of awittykitty was never mentioned in there once. Nor was anything I talked about in my last entry. At least I don't remember talking about lesbian dildos.

    So allow me to show you my new residence. Its a really cool place. Its a gated community. They don't let in those slutty lesbian types....not that there's anything wrong with them.

    Not sure how this works exactly, but Click my link baby

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