Poolagirl - 2006-03-25 22:59:47
What an amazing story! I hope you find her real good!
Smed - 2006-03-25 23:31:52
Wow! For one, go find her and git her good, but yeah, play your cards right. For two, I bet hot steamy artist sex is better than hot steamy datageek sex. And lord knows, if artist types and datageek types got together - that's like matter and anti-matter. Worlds collapsing. And all...
Andria - 2006-03-26 02:12:31
I too, had a big crush on the internet. Because I seem to be socially retarded, I could totally flirt my ass off with men and get away with saying things I couldn't really say to their face. Hopefully, now that you know where that soul-sucking whore lives, you can find out if there is any way to go after her legally - or illegally, if you choose... I know some people. ;)

Ok, I really don't, but I just wanted to sound like one of the Sopranos for a minute.
stepfordtart - 2006-03-26 03:08:19
Im glad you have it, too! s x
Kelly - 2006-03-26 09:33:21
I cant believe you found her. I totally have the patience to fuck with someone online (in real life too, haha) so if you want help torturing her, i'm game. Its funny that I could hate someone so much that I've never even seen. well maybe a bit more scary than funny but its still hate.
LA - 2006-03-26 11:39:00
Gah, I went a whole 10 hours without a net connection yesterday and totally went into withdrawal. Scary how alone I felt without my magic gateway to the cyberworld. As for your other situation, I don't know if there's any legal recourse. Money from your dad's estate would be a boon, for sure, but messing with that evil twat won't bring your dad back. Nor will you ever get any kind of apologies or remorse or even an admission of guilt. Better you should use that energy toward making your own life bigger and happier, you know? However, I do know a guy named Nunzio who's always wanted to visit California. ;-) ~LA
GoingLoopy - 2006-03-26 12:03:48
I think that all of us would be happy to assist in the "fuck the mail order whore" campaign. Even if all you do is screw with her will be fun.

Remember. Sometimes you are karma's bitch...and sometimes, you are her agent. ;)

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