skibigsky - 2006-05-28 21:12:13
Heh. I remember taking a similar 'honesty' test when I was applying for my first ski teaching job, about a million years ago. I answered honestly (hell, yeah, I'd be right there, loading the stuff into my bag as well), figuring that it was better to be honest than to be a goody-goody (this being a ski resort and all). Only to find out later that the only question they cared about was whether I'd be willing to submit to a random drug test or not. Gah!
warcrygirl - 2006-05-28 21:36:03
Why do they keep letting psycho tree killer loose in the creek? Especially if he's mental? Good luck with the Target thing, I detest job interviews.
hissandtell - 2006-05-28 22:01:04
Ohhh, I'm so sad to hear it's all off with Creek Freak. I had *such* a good feeling about you two kids! But don't let a little sociopathic hostility and overwhelming defoliant-urge on his part hold you back - after all, Ted Bundy had quite the gaggle of giggling-groupie-gals hanging onto his every breath when he was in prison. You've just got to look for the good in everyone, witticakes! (And best o'luck with the interview-thingies, of course.) Love, R xxx
kungfukitten - 2006-05-28 22:16:37
Do you have any mud mask at home? If yo do, put a big dot of it on your zit and go to bed with it on (let it dry or you'll have funky pillow cases). That should get it down to the size of an A cup. The mud works on sucking all the gunk out overnight and soothes the area. Just don't forget about it and answer the door the next morning, especially if you have multiple zits and multiple applications. You might scare the UPS guy. Just sayin'
Halo Askew - 2006-05-29 13:21:51
I worked for Target back in the mid-80's and god LORD do I remember the battery of psychological tests they gave me. It was insane! I did get the job as a cashier, was trained barely 3 days on the register, when they stuck me in the Electronics Department -- which was never stocked with what they had on sale. My supervisor would leave for the day when I came to work (after school) and there was no one around to answer my questions. I remember calling the store operator several times for help. One night a customer was looking at a camera in the glass case, asking me all sorts of questions (like I fucking KNEW!) then finally decided he wanted it. I opened the case to find...guess what? NONE IN STOCK. He was LIVID. Bitched and BITCHED at me about how it was a big waste of his time and what kinda store are we running here? and blah blah. I tried to explain I was new and I wasn't in charge of inventory and sorry sorry sorry, but he walked off in a huff. Next day I found out I was scheduled to work the Labor Day weekend sale...and the supervisor told to check to see how much stuff we had in the back; I found NONE. Not one item that was on sale was in stock! And there was no time to do anything about it. I was NOT about to take the heat for that the next day (supervisor would be off the entire weekend), so I called in sick on Saturday, and found out on my next scheduled day (Tuesday) that I had been let go. They made me fill out an exit interview sheet and I bitched to high heaven about their inadequacies. Even scribbled in the margins. So if you don't get the Target job, I wouldn't sweat it! I'm sure you'll find something soon though!
seacreature - 2006-05-29 18:58:11
Yea, definately don't sweat it if you don't get the Target job. I remember applying for a job at PetSmart. It was the same battery of psychological questions. Let me just say I'm GLAD I didn't get that job... But good luck to you in finding another job. Yew can dooo eet, MAHN!
Nanc' - 2006-05-29 21:47:14
I spent 21+ years in the military doing a job that took years off my life via stress. So, after I stayed home a few years, I had to think about what I'd like to do part-time that I (a)wouldn't hate (b)might even enjoy (c)would make decent money doing(d)would allow flexible hours and(e)WAS SOMETHING THAT INTERESTED ME. I decided to take my resume to a lovely, upscale wine/liquor store and I've never enjoyed a job more. Consider what it is you really love; Maybe a job at a florist or gift shop or a bookstore like Barnes & Noble or maybe you could take kiddie photos at Wal-Mart or better yet, JCPenney. What do you think? Don't just settle for Target - "not that here's anything wrong with that." Good luck!
Phil - 2006-05-29 22:52:58
Sounds like a great lifetime tv movie. Creek Freak - When Dawson goes Bad. Good luck with the interview.
jane - 2006-05-30 11:49:46
There's nothing like a surprise interview to keep you feeling invigoratingly nauseated. Down with freaky fake boyfriends!
Autumn - 2006-05-30 14:46:03
So he doesn't own the property nor is he employed by the owner to cut stuff down. Um, I think what he's doing is illegal -- but I suppose it's wise not to mention that to someone with sharp implements. (At first, I thought you were going to say you caught him peeing in the creek.)

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