Smed - 2006-10-02 20:05:32
Go girl! Control yourself, though!
rs - 2006-10-02 21:00:40
goddess-like feminine mystique sounds excellent.
LA - 2006-10-02 21:25:25
See? It's all about timing. You need to practice your goddess moves and there's Harold. Work that thing, girlfriend! ~LA
betty - 2006-10-02 22:04:42
good luck on your date tomorrow!
Clipchick - 2006-10-03 01:06:04
You'll wind up having fun, I bet. Who ISN'T all about going somewhere where someone else pays for it, anyway? Republican or no. Hope you feel less sinusy. There's nothing like blowing your nose repeatedly when you're out with someone paying for everything. The job thing will work itself out, like everything does. Just let it happen...
sparkspark - 2006-10-03 18:18:35
Rock on, O goddess! XO Violet
Kungfukitten - 2006-10-03 22:23:25
Think of it as a practice date. Next stop: Speed Dating!
scotvalkyrie - 2006-10-04 14:26:54
If you really want to scare him, consider smooching him all over his face. Then lick his eyelid. Or just dance on the table at dinner. It's worked for me!

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