sparkspark - 2006-10-10 14:01:54
Danger Kitty! I hope you bust out a great a capella version of "When You're a Jet," complete with snappy dance moves. XOXO Violet
Anna - 2006-10-10 14:22:08
Chewing gum, I reckon, for the black blobs. By the way, I had to mention my very own B.O.B. recently while communicating with stepfordtart, but I credited you with copyright, honest guv. xxx
Poolagirl - 2006-10-10 14:38:54
Packin' a blade? What's next? A big chain hanging on your pants? That would be sooo cool!
scotvalkyrie - 2006-10-10 15:01:06
Grazers! You should post polaroids of them in the bulk area to shame them. Somehow, I see you doing a little waltz with your broom while singing a Bing Crosby number. Do you get to work the floor polishers??
About your feet hurting, it's probably all that walking on the concrete all day -- I think the feet just react differently when they know it's work.
Oh, did you have a coatimundi or a chinchilla when you were a kid? I can't see people owning a coati!
boxx - 2006-10-10 21:51:20
CONCRETE! Those supermarket floors aren't exactly built for aerobic exercise or any bodies over 20. You have to get yourself a really good pair of shoes. I ENVY your job, it sounds like HEAVEN to me right now; no work to bring home, no lesson palnning etc....
Phil - 2006-10-11 00:13:13
At least packing a blade you'll be ready for the rumble in ailse four.
Clipchick - 2006-10-11 01:54:47
CRAZY!!!!!!!!COOL!!!!!!!!!!! Just play it cooooooool, Witty....reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll cool... Sorry. Went off on a West Side Story tangent. Yeah, what boxx said-Hubby works in grocery also. The concrete floor's a killer on those calves. Buy one good pair of shoes and you'll be a LOT better. Or, get some nice, cushioney inserts until you can. I have access to box cutters, too. Quite a sense of empowerment, no?
BlotterBoy - 2006-10-11 13:23:13
I'm waiting for the day the whole supermarket breaks out into choreographed song and dance - I'm tired of going it alone. Lately I've found myself belting out Tom Jones numbers at random. My doctor says I have Tom Jones Syndrome. I said, "Doctor, is this common?" He replied, "It's not unusual ..."
seacreature - 2006-10-11 16:29:48
I think they're baby poops. HAH! Ah, I think you're experiencing muscles-I-didn't-know-I-had syndrome. You're doing things for LONG periods of time and workin' different muscles than you do from walking. I know, the human body is astounding.
stepfordtart - 2006-10-11 17:20:18
Hi Witty - doing a big catch up after a few days away from here so here's a whole stack of comments all squished into one. The Trophy Wife thing is crap, Id rather sweep floors. Customers in grocery stores are often moronic and have no right to speak to maintenance people like shit. They would soon have something to bleat about if nobody ever came to clear up the disgusting mess THEY make and are quite happy to just walk away from. If you can get "Party Feet" insoles for your shoes over there, get some! They're fab gel-filled squishy thingies and very nice to walk on. If you dont have them over there, let me know and I'll send you some (slightly odd present, I know, but comfort is comfort). The pic of you? Gorgeous (and a bit Warholian. Intentional?). The 'Nuns Arouse Me' - may I borrow it, Ive got a school reunion this weekend. heehee s x
Autumn - 2006-10-12 12:39:09
Ditto on investing in some quality walking shoes. As for the brussels sprouts (and other round things), maybe you could lightly step on them to flatten them a bit so they won't roll. Lastly, my friend's husband, an electrical engineer, says he preferred his supermarket stock boy job and would gladly go back to it if only he could continue to support his family.

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