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2003-12-07 @ 7:30 p.m.
that wild Irish girl thing

My name is Wittykitty, I am a Broadway Geek.

Hi Wittykitty (mumble, mumble, mumble among the Broadway Geek Anonymous Crowd).

Yeah, I like musicals. Like totally. I'm listening to "Chicago" right now. This morning we had lip synching hour to "Les Miserables" at the Wittykitty house.

I saw my first Broadway show ("Hairspray") last November and nearly went into a Broadway Geek coma when I got to meet Harvey Fierstein afterwards.

My best friend, who I refer to as my Gay Friend from Manhattan here in these diary entries works in a Broadway hit in New York. Can't say which one, of course (and no its not "Hairspray"), but I get to hear all the Broadway gossip and its fun.

I got an e-mail from him this morning. He said I will be getting my Christmas present some time this week. He said it isn't wrapped, but its ok to open it before December 25th.


Gifts from "G" are usually show business related (coughBroadway CDs). Or at least something cool like Great Ladies Sing Gershwin or Dinah Washington. So I will anxiously be awaiting small CD shaped packages this week.

So today was a pretty good day. My manic behavior was fairly under control for a change. I decided to do the Mall crawl again, mainly for the diversionary quality of it. It had snowed all day yesterday and I really needed to get out of the house.

Went to the local mall. Our mall has a library, which is good, so I picked up a couple of books about drawing. Thought it was time I got some instructions on how to draw, rather than just going willy-nilly into my figure drawing class each week. I've just been winging it thus far, and I'd like to actually know what I'm doing sometime in the near future.

After the library I happened upon a booth selling coloring books. Why was this special? Because it was being run by my former boss of 8 years. Scott. Good old Scott. Bad old Scott. But Good old Scott, now that I'm not working for him. He could be nice. He could be evil. Hey, kinda like me. But unfortunately our good and evil never seemed to coincide and we frequently clashed especially in the last year.

Of course I was suffering from some serious bipolar stuff by then. Throwing stuff. Screaming obscenities within the walls of a Catholic organization.

Yeah, I was a model employee.

But it was fueled by some really intolerable conditions. Our business was doing poorly and he wanted me out, but he didn't want to fire me, so he just made life as miserable as possible so I would quit. Of course I can "take" miserable. I have my mother to thank for that.

But I finally did quit. A month later I was in the mental hospital. Yeah, he won. I was bitter for a long time, but just in the last 6 months I had seen him and a former coworker having lunch and had chatted with them. I had even gone back to my old job and said hello to some other folks too. But it took almost 2 years to get to this point.

So I saw Scott. And did I mention his incredibly hunky brother?? Whoa baby. There sitting next to Scott, who is a poster boy for know, pocket protector for the pens in his pocket and taped up glasses, was this incredibly macho furry version of him. Dan.

And lets hear it for Wittykitty. Dan was tripping over himself to say hello. He introduced himself not once, but twice.

yeah, I'm a goddess!

Afterwards, I went on into the mall and finally picked up a new pair of snow boots. My beloved Bass Outlet boots finally bit the dust. One of them had split in the middle a couple of days ago.

Had a slice of pizza. I couldn't find my money when I got to the register and the old guy behind the register said it was ok, don't worry about it...I guess like F-R-E-E pizza, but I said no. Finally found the money. Thought that was nice though. He had even winked at me. Boy, I must really have something going on.

On the way back to my car, I had to pass the Scott and Dan booth and damn, if Scott, the geek poster boy wasn't missing. So of course I felt OBLIGATED to talk to the extremely handsome and masculine DAN.

A couple of yards away there was a cell phone kiosk and there was a guy dressed as a banana handing out flyers.

So I told Dan if Scott would dress like a banana, I'd be willing to buy at last a dozen coloring books (which didn't seem to be selling too well). He arched his eyebrow and kind of grinned and said he'd like to see Scott as a banana too.

Yeah. Heh, heh. A banana. Ok, only I was thinking that part, but I was pretty proud of myself for like...almost flirting. My shrink would have been so freakin' proud of me.

Had had another guy talk to me at the grocery store earlier in the day too. A really nice looking guy at the register. The clerk had mis-rang something and had to go up to a manager and this guy just started talking to me.

And I wasn't even happening today. I hadn't brushed my hair (yeah, its true, I actually leave my house without brushing my hair occasionally). I didn't have any makeup on. I guess I just had that wild Irish girl thing going on.

I actually can't figure out why all this is happening. I am at a total loss. Men never talk to me. I've always had this thing about being invisible. I used to actually believe I was invisible as a child. I thought if I closed my eyes, people couldn't see me.

But I guess I do exist. Imagine that!

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