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2003-12-08 @ 7:32 p.m.
anonymous cowards

Ok, I'm paranoid. I totally admit it. I have caller ID on my phone.

I originally got it, so I could see In-Comings from my mother. There was a time I wouldn't take calls from her. It was around the same time I unplugged my answering machine so I wouldn't have to listen to the lengthy "you don't love me and I'm dying because of it" messages.

But now I mostly have Caller ID as an answering machine. I don't have one and I like to see who has called. There are usually the multiple MOM-CALLS. The once in a while Married Guy calls. And the occasional calls from the other people in my life like my social worker and the hippie chick who runs my survivor group.

I also get maybe one or two Anonymous Calls every two or three weeks. I figure they're probably telemarketers covering up their scurvy presence with anonymity. That's fine. That's just what they do.

But in the last 5 days I have had an explosion...well, semi-explosion of Anonymous Calls. 10-12.

And these calls have mysteriously coincided with my e-mail to the Zen-shrink telling him I would not be returning and, by the way, don't even think about fucking contacting me.

Have I picked up any of these Anonymous Calls? Yes, and whoever is calling is not real talkative. In fact they don't say anything. They're just breathing. And it's freaking me out.

So now everytime the phone rings I am starting to jump. I'm sure this is just good old paranoia on my part. But the timing of all these anonymous calls has really got me spooked.

I went over to my friend's house today. She's going to Africa on Friday and I will be house sitting and pet sitting (her dog Kesai) for a month and she wanted to give me some last minute instructions. It was basically all the same stuff as in August except she told me that when the furnace comes on it sounds like a small explosion. Oh good!

The most important part was how to reset her computer if the power goes off. Can't be without a computer...EVER. She even dug out a music keyboard for me, because I mentioned I would be missing my piano. Thought that was nice.

She also loaned me her digital camera today for a couple of days so I can take some pictures of my artwork. So maybe all you lucky folks will get to see my nudie nudes soon.

Yeah, I can just see you all putting that in your palm pilots...check Awittykitty Friday for nudes.

Unfortunately, I'm very right brained and I may not be able to figure out how to download (or is it upload?) the images out of her camera. I mean, it took me almost 3 months to figure out the html code for bold. And I have a supergold membership for Diaryland but I can't figure out how to use any of the goodies like Comments or the three fields you create like...

What Music I'm Listening To:

And I know you're just dying to know.

But of course she'll be enroute to Africa, so I won't be able to ask her, so don't be broken hearted if they don't appear.

But did ya notice the new template? I da girl. I did figure out how to not lose my bravenet counter. I was very proud of that. I figured the paintbrush/art theme seemed appropriate, and you guys are exceedingly bright and I figured you'd probably see the connection too. :-)

So tomorrow is shrink day...with the nice shrink. I have a lot to talk about with him. The paranoia thing. I know he'll probably try and play it down. I was startled over the weekend when I thought I saw Zen-shrink walking near my car. Not sure what I can do to alleviate all this anxiety. I'm sure he'll have some good suggestions.

And of course by Friday I will be in a new location for a month. Me and the kitty. Scratch that.

Me, the kitty, and a funny little black dog named Kensai.

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