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2003-12-18 @ 12:04 a.m.
the gay rodeo hello dolly guy

So its been an upsy, downsy kind of day. So much so that its after midnight as I sit down to write.

Married Guy got arrested. Sheesh. I actually think he's kind of proud of it. He wrote it to me in two separate e-mails. He was at the mall and saw a cop beating up on a kid and decided to ride in like John Wayne and save the day. I still haven't heard the verbal version so we'll have to see how truly appropriate this was.

Ooooo, civil disobedience...what a turn-on.

Of course we are talking about a hot-headed Irishman with both anger issues and a sense of what's right. It's something we have in common.

The only difference is, I just don't beat the bloody hell out of law enforcement officers. So we'll see what that was all about.

I went over to my apartment today to check my mail and make sure everything was still in an upright position and amazingly my Eye-talian landlord had actually shoveled my walkway after the big snowstorm this weekend. They are definitely getting that super-deluxe fruitcake for Christmas now.

My house seems dreadfully small now that I've been living in the lap of luxury the last 5 days. I checked my caller ID to see how loved I've been since I've been gone and my beloved anonymous caller must be getting a fucking cramp in his dialing finger. Twenty five freakin' calls. You know a.c (anonymous caller) should really just send flowers. Or better

My mailbox was a little kinder...other than the phone bill. I had a DVD waiting for me, presumably from my Gay Friend in Manhattan. Another goodie from Best Buys. "Lost Treasures from Broadway". My first "owned" DVD. Yay.

I did race back to my DVD player to watch it naturally...being a Broadway geek and all. I really loved it. Got to see some real favorites like Joel Grey in "Cabaret" and Patti Lapone in "Evita" and the tap dancers from "42nd Street". What could be better?

When I got back to my house sitting gig I had a call from my shrink on the answering machine. Since its late and I'm really tired and sporting a sore throat and this is going to be a short entry, I will just mention that he talked to Zenshrink and Zenshrink was confused about my accusation. He wasn't aware that he did anything wrong and couldn't figure out why my last e-mail to him had an "angry" tone to it. He also told my shrink he hadn't been calling me and that I could come in and talk things out with him anytime I wanted to.

Sorry, don't think I will bite on that one. I pretty much felt like I wasn't believed by anyone and that my story was totally discounted. I couldn't really gauge my shrink's reaction to any of this on the message. I sent him a somewhat angry e-mail later in the afternoon which I now regret. He was just doing his job and I ripped the poor guy a new asshole. Sorry "A". I feel really stupid.

Not sure how I manage to piss so many people off with so little effort. It must be an inherited thing. Thanks mom.

About the only true bright spot in the day was a trip down to my figure drawing class. Tonight was our big Holiday Extravaganza. I had actually been looking forward to it. I've been going now for about 6 weeks and feel like I'm slowly becoming part of the community. Its really important for me to be doing this because before this I was part of nothing, except perhaps my living room.

So I arrived early tonight in order to get a good seat, but I was way early. Like 25 minutes early and they were just setting up a book sale to raise money for a new website promoting the figure drawing class. So this pleasant looking guy was laying out the books and asking the teacher how much he should ask for each book.

Naturally I am an expert of international acclaim in the area of used art book pricing, so I offered my services and even managed to throw in a few jokes. The guy introduced himself and asked me my name and where I lived and I was smooth.

I'm Miss Wittykitty, an expert of international acclaim in the area of used art book pricing, etc., etc. I'm fairly certain, he was duly impressed.

So I set up my art table and who plops down next to me? The artbook guy. We kind of looked at each other and then at our sketch pads. Gulp. Now that we weren't occupied with the all important task of pricing books, speaking was not quite so least for me.

So we finally had another male model, after 6 weeks of women, and this guy was a riot. There is no single word to describe him, except maybe something along the lines of gay African American rodeo guy who can probably sing the score to "Hello Dolly", while roping a doggie.

I like weird, but even this one was a challenge for me. He played dress up during poses. And I think there was a tinge of S&M in them. I mean, he was wearing leather chaps and cowboy boots and getting down on all fours with his ass poking out and doing these really provocative poses.

In all the time I've been seeing these nude models there has never been a shred of sexuality in any of them. Just bodies and forms, but I basically knew this guy's entire sex life, by the way he was strapping on various oversized leather belts, zipping and unzipping chaps, straddling a guitar (yee-haw!!). And he never stopped moving or talking. And he actually got a little drunk during the break (we had alcoholic beverages for our Christmas party) and was singing like Bessie Smith by time the class ended.

But we had a good time. Someone had brought in a tape of the strangest Christmas carols ever one about how Santa got stuck in the chimney and it started smelling after a month. And the Adam Sandler song about Chanukah. And we had a drawing during the intermission and I WON (yay!). The prize was an official t-shirt from our figure drawing class which had some way-cool comic-book artwork on it...a kind of

Salvador Dali meets Alien.

And the artbook guy also talked to me once again over near some posters and pointed out which posters he liked and told me some official art information about color saturation. So now I am an Expert on that too...if you have any questions.

It was a good night and other than an oncoming sore throat and feeling extremely aggravated about Zenshrink's obvious lapse of memory, I think I will give this day a seven.

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