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2004-03-21 @ 1:35 p.m.
first day of spring...yeah right

Here is your horoscope for Sunday, March 21:

Passion rocks your world as spring arrives. Your best is multiplied by a boost in confidence, hormones and community support. Be original in your attitude, even when it's all been done before.

You mean hormones can be used for good and not evil? I'll believe that when I see it, but I am excited about the passion part. Yay for passion.

Umm, but can you be more specific about the passion part? The fun kind of passion? The rolling around between the sheets with somebody of the opposite sex kind of passion? Or just the kind I have because I'm in too much energy for one body to contain?

I was trying to explain to "A" last week how passionate I get while I'm at my art class. I told him it was my version of sex. Me hunched over my sketch pad, my hand rapidly sketching, me feeling all warm and toasty, my heart beating just a little faster than usual. Maybe a little spurt of some kind of body chemical akin to a sex hormone.

But unfortunately, he didn't buy it. He wants an actual human body in my hands for a moment of passion, rather than just a pastel. So I guess just getting hot over art doesn't fill the bill for "A".


I have been a little more hot to trot than usual the last couple of days because of that naughty e-mail Married Guy sent me last weekend. If he only knew how susceptible I am to stuff like that. It gets really confusing for me.

As I sit here and write I was supposed to be at a Creative Writing Class today over at the community center. It was free and I was just going to be doing what "A" is endlessly suggests...leaving my house and meeting new people. And I really wanted to go since it was free and it was at my beloved community center, where my art class is. But unfortunately there is a freakin' blizzard outside. Snow, high winds, bitter cold. First day of Spring? Ha! You certainly couldn't prove it by us.

If I had a working car I would have tried to brave the weather conditions to get over there, but the prospect of having to stand on various street corners and get pummeled by razor sharp snow pellets and bitter coldness, and change buses four times for an hour of creative writing just didn't seem doable.

Fuck winter. Fuck not having a car. Fuck poverty.

Ok, I got that out of my system, well at least somewhat. I guess I can do creative writing at home, there just won't be any cool, groovy hippy type people I would have met at the community center. Maybe I can dress my cat in a tie-dye caftan and we can talk about our disgust with the local television station at the reporting of a local rally yesterday.

It seems that when the local media were describing a "duel protest" downtown, marking the one year anniversary of the war in Iraq, the opposing protesters were identified as "Pro-American Protesters" and "Anti-War Protesters".

I'm sorry, but I take offense at that. Does that mean you're un-American if you don't like the war? Hate to burst your bubble guys, but there are those of us out in the community who are Pro-American and Anti-War all at the same time. And hey, its really easy!! I DON'T LIKE WAR. And yet I'm patriotic and get tearful at the singing of the National Anthem AND I pray for the safe return of my favorite nephew from the battlefields of Iraq all at the same time.

Sounds kinda crazy, huh? But it is possible to be both, ya know! Truly!

So I wrote a letter to the TV station and asked that they henceforth, refer to the protesters as what they really are....War Supporters and War Non-Supporters. At least that will be a little more accurate, at least in my peace lovin' eyes.

But people will do what they want to do. The other day, for instance, when I was on the bus, we were rounding this corner and a bunch of teenagers were congregated.

Suddenly there was this loud kA-thunk! And then another. And then another. And then suddenly the whole side of the bus was getting pelted with about fifty snowballs. The teenagers were just annihilating the side of the bus.

It was a little alarming at first. It was like we were being ambushed.

And since all the suicide bombing have been going on in the Middle East, that thought is always in the back of my mind everytime I'm on a bus. Is this bus going to get blown up? Probably not, but you never know when they are going to be part of a national news story, right?

I guess when the media shoves all these disturbing images in our faces on a daily basis, like the blown out carcasses of trains in Madrid, and buses in Palestine, you just have to think about it for a moment. The people who boarded those buses and trains certainly didn't know it was their last ride, did they?

Fortunately I was able to laugh about the snowball attack. The woman who was sitting in front of me said she hadn't seen that happen since she was a kid, and I added I wished I could get out and throw snowballs at the bus too, since they're always running late. She laughed.

But you just never know.

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