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2004-05-25 @ 8:08 p.m.
modem goddess -- hear me roar

OK. Everything back under control. I have to laugh. I just got a Google hit for "Honking into Kleenex". Yeah, I did plenty of that today. But things are looking a little brighter.

Just after I finished my entry at the library computer this afternoon somebody said, "Don't I know you?" and I looked up and sitting at the computer next to me, was one of our nude models from Wednesday night.

I really had to hold onto that first thing out of my mouth, smart assy..."Gee, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on", because frankly, I didn't. She's a regular too and had just modeled on Sunday when I had learning about trapezoids.

But hey, who looks at faces? I'm usually just trying to get boobs to look even.

(By the way, she has lovely, if not tiny, perfectly shaped boobs, which I tried not to think about it, as she was talking to me. Not sure why this made me nervous.)

When I got home there were 6 calls on my caller ID from my mom. She had called back that computer place where I got my modem last Friday, and she said that they had said it was ok to bring over my computer and they would check to see if the software was defective or not. It was already mid-afternoon and I had my group in an hour and a half, but I unplugged all the wires and zipped on over. Come to find out there was nothing wrong with it, except that I had accidently installed about 8 modems. I guess I had just freakin' confused my poor old computer. The guy just un-installed all the extra modems, and voila! A working, AOL calling computer. YAY!

And I HAD installed the modem correctly. Yay, me. part II!

Ran home really quickly afterwards. Didn't really want the computer in the car since it was really hot and moist out, plus there was yet another massive electric storm in the offing.

As I was driving to my group around 4, which is only about 3 miles from my house, I was absolutely pummeled by a huge rain and lightening storm. The rain was so fierce, that I finally had to pull over because the windshield wipers just couldn't keep up with the rain and the streets were suddenly caught up in some flash flooding.

What is this, the end of the world?

And then when I arrived at my group, three miles away? The sun was shining. Freaky.

I did finally have a chance to discuss the nanny thing with my group. I had discussed it with my mom and her take, naturally was totally mercenary. Maybe the guys rich. You'll have CABLE TV and AIR CONDITIONING!!!

Yeah, my mom ALWAYS thinks of WHAT she can get out of any given situation. Always. I'm the total opposite. I operate on how I will feel about a situation. Material things mean virtually nothing to me. I guess that's why I live in poverty, especially since I could have used my looks (and I do still have some) and intelligence to nail some rich guy at some point up to now. Not that it would ever even occur to me to do that. Nail someone. I would be perfectly happy...say...falling in love with a nice guy. Hey, there's a good idea. Maybe I could discuss that with "A" tomorrow.

Anyways, my group made me feel a little better about my, at least, entertaining the idea of possibly interviewing for the nanny position. I have some mental health issues, but by God, at least I'm trying to heal myself, right?

And look at all the crazy ass women out there right now, raising the next generation of shrink going kids. At least I would be nice and put the kids first. the computer all healed up! YAY! I da' computer geek's wet dream....Ms. wittykitty. I even think Married Guy was impressed today when I told him I had changed my own modem. I did neglect to tell him it took 28.7 minutes to take the damn top off the tower, but still. I am the Modem-Goddess, hear me roar.

Or at least whirrrrrrr contentedly. :-)

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