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2004-07-14 @ 11:32 p.m.
survey says

My brain is on vacation and I'm afraid of being Googled for something inane like Pimple on my Lip like I was today, so I stole this short survey from the extremely sexy Zaziel. Thanks Zaz'. I'd give you tongue, but you're on the West Coast and well... ;-)

1. If you could go back in time and not sleep with someone you slept with, who would it be and why?

Smitty when I was five. He was a little too old for me. Probably about 67.

2. What is your favorite ethnicity of food and give an example.

I'm very fond of Mexican food, as long as it isn't too spicy, but can you find decent Mexican food on the East Freakin' Coast???? NO! When I used to visit my Dad in California, I'd make him stop on the way home from the airport so I could partake in Mexican food. It's been so long since I've had any I can't even remember what its called anymore.

3. What is your earliest memory and how old were you?

Having my sister lock me out of the house when she had her boyfriend over. I was only about 3 and it started getting dark, and I was standing out in the yard crying my eyes out and the neighbor heard me and came and got me. My sister I believe was in the house losing her virginity. Our neighbor called my mom at work, and my sister was immediately notified of her imminent demise, when my mom got home.

4. What are you wearing on your feet right now?

Nothing, as usual. I rarely wear shoes unless I have to. Or anything, unless I have to.

5. You're in McDonald's about to eat a cheeseburger and you drop it on the table and the bun comes apart. The table was just cleaned. Do you still eat the burger?

Do I have to eat at MacDonald's? Can't I have some Mexican food?

6. Do you talk to yourself?

Constantly. Where else could I find someone so incredibly funny?

7. Give me liberty or give me...

the phone number of a cute guy who likes insecure but funny girls.

8. If the national currency had to be a different color, what color would you want it to be?

Purple with rhinestones.

9. You're in KFC and you're getting chicken with two sides. Which two sides do you get?

Two sides? Ya mean like the chicken's butt or his beak?

10. How many children (if any) do you want to have?

I'd love to have at least one.

11. Have you ever "seen stars" as a result of a big sneeze or getting hit on the head or anything? What brought it on?

Yes. Once when I was a little kid, this bully chased me into my backyard, and I hid behind a gate, holding it with all my might so he couldn't get in and he took a cement rain drain and tipped it up over the top of the gate, hitting me squarely in the head. Ah huh! You're all saying...that's what's wrong with wittykitty. I didn't get knocked out, but I did see stars, because that damn thing probably weighed about 10 pounds. I was only 10 years old.

12. What's the worst thing you ever smelled?

A dead squirrel trapped in a kitchen vent (don't ask).

13. What's the worst *physical* pain you ever endured?

I fell off a porch, hit my head (again with the head hitting thing, no wonder I'm such a fucking lunatic), and I sprained my neck and split my head open requiring about 12 stitches. My neck hurt for a good year after that.

And that's about it. Aren't you excited?

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