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2006-05-17 @ 11:52 p.m.
apathy....isn't that near the dead sea?

My latest painting from this afternoon, pretty much expresses how I'm feeling right now. Angry. Sullen. Don't push me. Don't cut me off in traffic. Don't look at me funny. Don't let your stupid cell phone with that stupid ring tone that sounds like hamsters having sex ring more than once. Don't take my parking place. Don't let your five year old son stare at me getting naked in the YMCA locker room. Don't yell out to the front end manager at the grocery store: "This lady's food stamp card isn't working, does she need to pay for it with cash?" Don't take off your wedding band and put it on your planner during our meeting and suddenly think I should throw myself at your feet because you're "available". Don't tell me I'd be cute if I lost a few pounds, otherwise I might have to tell you that you'd be smart, if you had a few brains. Don't tell me you love me and then say, oh just kidding, when I finally admit I love you too.

I guess I could really go on and on, but I do have to go to bed now. Big day tomorrow. I have to go to work and pretend like I'm not apathetic. Whee! Wish me luck!!

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