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2007-01-12 @ 10:06 p.m.
reason # 127 why I need a life: strange googling habits

Have you ever been sitting at your computer and you've read all your blogs, you've looked at that silly ass MySpace and wonder just why you're there since no one ever leaves you a message (hint, hint) and you've just deleted like the 150th piece of SPAM mail about Suzanne's Somer's house burning down in Malibu (huh?), and you've checked out your Flickr photos convinced that someone will be totally enthralled with your artwork and will want to send you a check for $300 but yeah right and then you start Googling stupid stuff.

Of course this last week, I just got Googled for "Yorkie swallows a button" and "Tammie Fae Bakker is Bipolar" on the same day. Can you imagine? Talk about a vast cross section of people I'm drawing in! I mean on the one hand I'm bringing in those upper class frou frou dog owners from the Hamptons. And then on the other, I'm bringing in the Born Again Christian faction. AND then I'm even bringing in those ultra-cool bipolar types. Its like a Network Executive's ultimate dream! If only they could mesh all those types together into one huge mega reality/game show hosted by Howie Mandell. The numbers would be staggering!!

So what was I talking about? Oh...Googling. See how easy it is to distract a bipolar. So anyways, I always like to Google at least three strange things a night, while I'm sitting here fending off tuna-breath (that's Guardcat). And tonight for some reason I Googled my mom's best friend out in California from the 1960's.

Now I can't even remember how they met, except possibly through BINGO, but she was a loud, friendly woman. Heavy set. She used to always wear bright flowery MuMu's and had a big blonde bouffant. I loved Z. She had a daughter "M" who was a few years older than I was, and was my first real friend when I moved to California. She came over almost every night because our mothers went to BINGO almost every night. We used to make comedy tapes and sing songs and dress the cats up in doll clothes. You know, stupid things 12 year old girls do. I mean 12 year olds from 1970.

So anyways, I was searching for "Z" tonight and I came upon some sad news. She just died in March of 2006. Wow. It just hit me. I mean I hadn't really had any contact with her since the 1980's, when we met at Zip's in San Rafael for a burger, but still the very fact that she was actually gone was rather heart-rending. It was like a big chunk of my childhood was gone. I tried to find her obituary in that old incredibly useless newspaper I used to work for in Marin, but it was a little too long ago and the bastards wanted to charge you $2.50 to access their archives. How stupid. I had found "Z"s brother's obituary from several years earlier, in a different newspaper, for totally free.

So then I looked up the cemetery where she was buried. It was the one out by the shopping mall. How appropriate since we used to go out there all the time. "Hi "Z"! We're going to the Emporium now!"

When I was looking for more info about where she was buried, I happened to hit upon this weird website called Find A It has three categories: "Somewhat Famous", "Very Famous", and "All Famous Names". "Z" wasn't any of those of course, but I was astounded to find that the guy who played John Wilkes in "Gone With the Wind" was buried there. Wow. Its sort of like Six Degrees of Separation from Scarlett O'Hara or something. But at least "Z" was buried near a place she loved....a shopping mall.

Now in other news, I got my hair cut today. I've been going through a little self loathing phase since the break up with Handyman. But today when I was getting my hair washed I happened to look over in the mirrors across the shop and some guy was checking me out. And this was the me with that rather massive crater on the side of my nose. I don't know if he was just possibly fascinated with know, in the way people look at car wrecks when they drive by or whether he saw something he liked. Although I did put like 23 pounds of foundation on it this morning. It was kinda like in that movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" when Richard Dreyfess builds the Devil's Towers in his living room. Yup, that's about how much foundation I put on my nose to patch things up today. Anything for beauty, right? Oy!

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