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2007-03-20 @ 11:28 a.m.
the question of the very mysterious origination of the fidgeta jacobean

"He's Mcmillan", "a fidgeta jacobean", calling for " kowalski on weh" to "wake up and smell the coffee along with the donuts and bagels" but "separate yourself from other men" and "earn with E-Bay, find out how" and then "Check out the wonders of melting pounds" and "contact my lawyer Mr. Powell" for a "Short Survey Big Payoffs, because "witty, there is a big cash advance available" and you'll need it for that "3 days, 2 nights at Wynn Resort Casino" because you'll no longer have money for "cool things" so "Be Happy" even if your "Single Romantic Horoscope" lies to you yet again!

Brought to you, in exact order, in quote marks, of all the subject headings of my SPAM mail (except the horoscope) as they appeared in my mail box this morning. Although does anybody know what a fidgeta jacobean actually is?

Nora gazed rhapsodically at her new fidgeta jacobean. In her estimation, her life was now complete.

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