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2004-01-04 @ 4:14 p.m.
introducing the witty kitty kitty

Meet psycho cat. She thinks she can create webpages by meowing html codes directly into the computer screen.

She's the one who does Cat Olympics at 1 a.m. She eats plastic bags. She bites the hand that feeds her. She sounds like a rusty hinge opening when she meows. She's a Pisces. Her mother was named Snow Dragon. Her father was the Terminator. I got her on the Internet. She eats lint. She can flip off beds backwards. She flirts with repairmen, but hisses at women. She never meowed until she was two years old. She snorts like a pig. All the fur fell off her ass last summer. She looks funny. (but don't tell her).

She's the love of my life. She's hoping to get her own computer soon...(I think to download naked pictures of Morris the Cat, the little slut). But this is my baby. Say hi to cyberspace, honey!

Psycho cat.

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