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2004-01-06 @ 3:04 p.m.
don't jump....

Gee, I post a picture of my kitty and she gets more mail than me! Sheesh! But she deserves its. She's a cutie patootie.

I just got home from a double doctor appointment. Finally got into my medical doctor after being sick for almost three weeks. Scored some Amoxicillan. I had an appointment an hour and 15 minutes before my shrink appointment and figured...maybe, just maybe, I might be able to eek in an appointment in that amount of time because thats how long I usually have to wait before my doctor comes sauntering in.

When I made the appointment yesterday (I was practically sitting with my head between my legs because my sinus pain was so severe), the receptionist assured me that because I was only the second appointment of the day I would probably be able to get out of my 9:30 appointment by 10:30 and get to my shrink by 10:45.

Ha...ha...ha. What a kidder.

I'm not sure what doctors do between appointments. Read Highlight magazines from the the internet for accessories for their SUVs, but my doctor is perpetually late. I think the longest I have ever waited in an examining room was an hour and a half. I started to grow roots to the examining table.

My doctor's practice has three doctors, two of them are lesbians, which is fine. I like my doctor. She's really tall and kind of home spun and I always forgive her for being late because she's so nice. And I usually also diagnose myself, which cuts her time with me even more. Unfortunately for almost the last year, I haven't seen her. I know she still works there, but I keep getting stuck with her older associate.

This woman has a penchant for wearing bright green polka dot socks with Birkenstocks. I guess that is kinda cool, but a couple of years ago, her cool rating took a hit when she failed to clean an injury correctly and it got severely infected.

And then this last year, I got a piece of glass in my fingertip and she dug, and dug around in my finger until it looked like a piece of raw hamburger. I was yelping and grimacing like a big baby and then she decided, wow, maybe I need some magnification on this baby. So she took me in a different room and tried to put my finger under this big magnification machine. She kept twisting my wrist this way and that, trying to examine the tip of my finger that was bleeding and gunky, due to her excessive probing and finally gave up and put a band aid on it.

(Incidentally, it was only due to sheer luck that she actually dislodged the probably just flowed out with the excessive bleeding).

So I had her today. Fortunately she didn't attempt any surgical procedures on my sinuses and just gave me the freakin' antibiotics I asked for 2 1/2 weeks ago. She also said I needed a blood test to test my blood for acidity (and she doesn't even know my personality). By then it was almost 10:25 and I was starting to get stressed about getting to my shrink's, but I went downstairs to get some blood drawn.

Ever notice how when a phlebotomist (or however you spell that) misses a vein, they always blames it on you? The needle went in incredibly painlessly, and I do admit, I am a big baby when it comes to needles. I squinch my eyes and tense up and pray to Jesus. But then when SHE missed the vein she said, "Well you jumped!" I was like, "huh?" I wasn't even moving. I wasn't even conscious.

I told her I was in a hurry and we had to switch to the other arm. I again held out the arm and squinched up my eyes, and she said this prick is going to hurt.

And I was WHO are we talking about this time?


Well, she nailed that one, and then she had to say, in her condescending blood sucking nurse way...well, see how easy that was when YOU didn't jump.


Finally got my shrink, with about 1 minute to spare. It was nice seeing him again. It's been two weeks. Caught him up on the exciting saga that is Wittykitty (yawn). We mainly talked about what to do about my car....which is rapidly heading towards the junk heap. He thinks I should try to sell it and then try to buy some kind of older Honda Civic off the Internet. He got online while I was there and he found me one in Los Angeles.

Um...OK...Los Angeles. Book me a flight. I stay with Brad and Jennifer and go to the Golden Globe Awards while I'm out purchasing my 1986 Honda Civic.

But he's usual. Ya happy "A", now everyone knows it! I definitely have to do something about the car situation and quick. He said I should sell the heap before it dies completely and I have nothing to sell. I'm not really sure who would want my old rusted out heap, except perhaps another unfortunate Medicaidian poor person who's totally desperate for transportation.

But that seems to be a continuing theme in my life...having nothing. What's that song in "Porgy and Bess", "I got plenty of nothin' and Nothin' plenty for me". I'm paraphrasing here.

When my shrink was online I also told him to look up "rich boyfriend who would BUY me a car".

I wonder if you can find THOSE on E-Bay? That's definitely the next thing on my to-do list.

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