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2006-03-28 @ 1:00 a.m.
cathartic moments and smack downs

Just a short entry since its 1 a.m. I went to my acrylic painting class tonight at the "Y" and had a cathartic moment. Of course I had to live through Ms. Whiny L.A. rich yuppie mommy sitting for a good ten minutes saying, "Oh, my painting is so ugly. I hate my painting. Its ugly. I hate it. I just want to throw it away....because...." And then burying her head into her hands and sighing dramatically, which of course was our cue to hopefully run over and say, "Oh no. Your painting is beauteous. Its like the best painting since the Sistine Chapel. In fact, I think I may just have to take a butter knife and cut out my spleen and sell it, just so I can buy your painting and hang it over my couch, thus changing the feng shui for the entire Northern Hemisphere. Because really, all this woman wanted us to do was compliment her work. And I hate when people do that. Playing the "poor me" card. I don't mind if its legitimate and someone truly has low self esteem, but this was truly a case of severe drama queencitis.

And I really feel bad because this woman has only been nice to me and she was the one who offered to buy one of my paintings a few weeks ago. She's from L.A. They think they can buy everything.

....So I was sitting there trying to paint. And listening to all this melodramatic Look-At-Me-My-Ego Needs-CPR stuff. And I did move once. I had been sitting right across from her and I moved about 5 feet away. The teacher made a joke about it. I just said the lighting was bad.


But the whining continued. She kept asking the teacher. How do you make the color "white"? Oh no I messed up the hair...THE ENTIRE PAINTING IS RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I finally just couldn't take it any more. I have a very low tolerance level for whiners. So I turned to her and said, "Could you please stop putting yourself down? There is nothing wrong with your painting. Its lovely. It's just really painful for me to listen to you saying that your work is ugly. So can you please stop?"

I guess I startled her, because she just quietly said "OK" and never said another negative word the rest of the night.


I actually think her supermodel daughter, who comes with her to class, was kind of happy with my proclamation, because she briefly looked over at me and smiled.

Anyways, what was my cathartic moment? I mean besides doing a yuppie mommy smack down? I think I've realized I'm an okay painter. I just have a knack for it. And as the weeks have progressed in the class, I have gotten better and I think if I could actually get some actual LESSONS, as in somebody telling me HOW to paint rather than me just guessing, I might even be able to maybe sell one of these suckers someday. Imagine that? A working artist. Yeehaw! Anyways, the person in the painting (which is greatly reduced in size by my tiny scanner, because the actual painting is a full head and shoulder portrait) is actor Peter O'Toole. Thanks for stopping by.

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